THE DRIVE with Alan Taylor | Episode #263

Disneyland is where dreams come true for kids. Is there anything like that for adults? If your pocketbook is big enough, you just might be able to live out your wildest desire through The Bluefish Group! Plus, we find out what life is like in the spotlight for Bitchin’ Rides star Dave Kindig. It’s time to talk shop alongside some of our favorite contributors!


  • [00:00:00] This Week in Racing
  • [00:06:41] Talent Isn’t Enough Anymore
  • [00:12:30] Gordon Family Tragedy
  • [00:19:54] The Unexpected
  • [00:31:21] Investing in the Viper
  • [00:35:57] These Changing Times
  • [00:42:17] Bitchin’ Rides
  • [00:47:29] Kindig It Designs
  • [00:54:50] Season Premier
  • [01:02:01] Walking in Boots’s Boots
  • [01:11:28] Auto Smarts with Dan Longenette
  • [01:18:06] Man’s Second Best Friend
  • [01:24:27] The Bluefish Group
  • [01:30:37] The Billionaire Whisperer
  • [01:36:58] Your Wildest Dreams
  • [01:44:19] Driving Vices
  • [01:53:25] Motorz Check In
  • [02:00:23] 2016 Ford Mustang GT California Special


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[00:00:00] This Week in Racing

Here to give us the usual weekly racing world updates is Steven Cole Smith (@RACERmag), automotive journalist for a number of publications. Steven is heading to Braselton, Georgia for the final IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship (@IMSA) race of the season.


[00:06:41] Talent Isn’t Enough Anymore

We turn to our favorite automotive sports writer, Steven Cole Smith (@RACERmag), for an update on what’s happening in NASCAR (@NASCAR). We’re especially curious to see how Tony Stewart is doing, considering he’s all set to part from NASCAR as soon as possible.


[00:12:30] Gordon Family Tragedy

The tragedy that befell former NASCAR (@NASCAR) driver Robby Gordon’s family is making headlines, and we’re anxious to hear from Steven Cole Smith (@RACERmag). What do we know other than rumor and speculation? How will Robby move on from this? Also, we say happy birthday to Steven.


[00:19:54] The Unexpected

Continuing our discussion on Robby Gordon, we bring in Ed Justice Jr. (@EdJusticeJr) to see if he knows any more than we do. Our talk turns philosophical as we examine how drastically life can change in a short amount of time.


[00:31:21] Investing in the Viper

We all know that Alan loves his Viper. But did you know it was not purchased solely as a Big Boy Toy – it was also an investment? Alan explains the concept of buying cars just as strategically as you would a home.


[00:35:57] These Changing Times

The lack of awareness in the general public regarding the auto industry is very surprising to Ed Justice Jr. (@EdJusticeJr). Then again, manufacturing has changed so much, it’s hard even for gearheads to keep up! Alan and Ed ponder the ramifications of major changes in automotive regulation.


[00:42:17] Bitchin’ Rides

Are you a fan of the Velocity Channel (@Velocity)? If you are, then surely you’ve seen Bitchin’ Rides with Dave Kindig (@davekindigit), who happens to be our guest today. Alongside Dan ‘Boots’ Longenette from Street Rod & Custom Radio (@StreetRodCustom), we’ll find out what it’s like to be the biggest show on Velocity!


[00:47:29] Kindig It Designs

We’re anxious to find out more about Dave Kindig (@davekindigit), owner of Kindig It Designs and star of Bitchin’ Rides on the Velocity Channel (@Velocity). Just how did he get started, and what’s the most challenging customization he’s ever had to do? We’ll find out the answers to these questions and more!


[00:54:50] Season Premier

Season 3 of Bitchin’ Rides will be premiering on October 11th at 9pm; is there anything we can expect to see in the first few episodes? Also, what’s it like doing what you love on television? Dave Kindig (@davekindigit) fills us in.


[01:02:01] Walking in Boots’s Boots

It’s time to find out more about Dan Longenette, or Boots as he’s more commonly known. How did he get where he is, hosting shows and talking cars? What did it take to become the expert welder he is now?


[01:11:28] Auto Smarts with Dan Longenette

Dan Longenette is not only the host of Street Rod & Custom Radio (@StreetRodCustom), he also hosts a local radio show in Columbus, Ohio called Auto Smarts. Dan tells us all about this show and what his opinion on the state of the automotive world today is.


[01:18:06] Man’s Second Best Friend

Dan Longenette and Alan reminisce about their first vehicles, youth’s personal key to freedom. According to Alan, man’s best friend (after dogs) is his car. Do you agree?


[01:24:27] The Bluefish Group

How would you like to get married at the Vatican? What about diving deep into the ocean to see the Titanic? Maybe even drive a Formula 1 Ferrari? Well, if you have a big enough wallet you can make any of your fantasies a reality through The Bluefish Group (@Bluefishgroup). Steve Sims, Founder of The Bluefish Group, is here to tell us how.


[01:30:37] The Billionaire Whisperer

How did a doorman at a nightclub in Hong Kong get into the business of making the dreams of billionaires come true? Steve Sims, Founder of The Bluefish Group (@Bluefishgroup), tells us his story.


[01:36:58] Your Wildest Dreams

What are some of the things you can do through The Bluefish Group (@Bluefishgroup)? Founder Steve Sims shares some of his favorite moments with us.


[01:44:19] Driving Vices

Do you have any bad driving habits, or vices, that need to be corrected? You’re not alone! Even the CEO of eDriving (@eDrivingLLC), Celia Stokes, discovered some not-so-safe habits that needed fixing. Whether you’re a new driver or experienced on the roads, it can be helpful to take a refresher course, and is just the way to do that.


[01:53:25] Motorz Check In

Chris Duke (@chrisduketv) from Motorz TV (@motorz) has been working nonstop on a Jeep project for the show, and it’s really coming together! Check out the videos if you’re curious to see how you can customize your vehicle.


[02:00:23] 2016 Ford Mustang GT California Special

Chris Duke (@chrisduketv) is lucky enough to test drive the latest and greatest, and recently he was able to get his hands on a 2016 Ford Mustang GT California Special. How does it feel to have that kind of beauty at your fingertips? We ask Chris.


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  • Host: Alan Taylor
  • Producer: Jason Masters
  • Production Asst: Joanne Bolden
  • Copy Editor: Sara Antonuccio

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