THE DRIVE with Alan Taylor | Episode #266

It’s time for round two of our SEMA 2016 coverage at the Shell Pioneering Performance Pavilion with special guest co-host, Jeff Allen of the “Skidmarks Show”. Notable guests this week include: Shawn Langdon, Tom Cotter, Sung Kang, Don Moser, Ashley Corzine, Ethan Dometrius, Vaughn Gittin Jr., Davin Reckow, Matt Lewis, Eric Ables, Don Schumacher, Tony Schumacher, Matt Hagan, Leah Pritchett, Tommy Johnson Jr., Alexis Hernandez, Terry Emig, Joe Ray, Rudy Rivas, and Michael Grey.


  • [00:00:00] Just Like Dad
  • [00:06:11] Thrill of the Hunt
  • [00:12:30] Opportunity Embodied
  • [00:19:51] Like Father, Like Daughter
  • [00:29:43] Skidmarks Show Origin Story
  • [00:35:50] Vaughn’s Dream Mustang
  • [00:42:10] Meet “The Wrenchmen”
  • [00:49:24] The Mad Scientist
  • [00:54:41] A Winning Family Legacy
  • [01:02:03] DSR for the Win
  • [01:11:32] Fueling Futures
  • [01:18:03] Busting Stereotypes

Discover more about segments and guests below…


[00:00:00] Just Like Dad

For Shawn Langdon (@ShawnLangdonTF), the sport of drag racing was a family affair. Shawn recalls being inspired to get behind the wheel after many years of watching his father compete. When NHRA began their Jr. Drag Racing League, he jumped at the opportunity to race and soon clinched his first title at the age of 14. Flash forward and Shawn has secured the 2013 Top Fuel Championship and is now a proud member of Don Schumacher Racing. We find out what it’s like to work with the best-of-the-best in motorsports.


[00:06:11] Thrill of the Hunt

At 15, a young Tom Cotter scored his first barn find on a quiet street in Long Island, a 1939 Ford Woodie he purchased for $300 in 1969. A lifelong passion was born, and Tom dedicated much of his career to finding cool cars in unsuspecting places. Hagerty’s (@Hagerty) latest web series, “Barn Find Hunter” follows Tom on his adventures across the country. We learn about Tom’s greatest discovery to date, a 1957 Porsche Speedster which sat untouched for 40 years in a Texas garage.


[00:12:30] Opportunity Embodied

After gaining acclaim and notoriety for his role as Han Lue in “The Fast and the Furious“, Sung Kang (@sungkang) was left searching for a way to give back to the car community. He embarked on a new project to get wrenches into the hands of today’s youth. When Shell’s North America Marketing Manager, Don Moser, first met Sung, it was clear that they were both on the same mission. Now we learn more about Project Underdog, a program aiming to inspire a love affair of autos for the next generation.


[00:19:51] Like Father, Like Daughter

Corzine Motorsports (@corzinemtrspts) Super Modified 2-Wheel Driver, Ashley Corzine, has been a part of the truck and tractor pulling sport for over 30 years now. Not only is Ashley a competitor in her own right, her father, Larry Koester, and husband, Craig Corzine, also compete. Ashley fills us in on what new mods are planned for the Shell ROTELLA “Second Degree” truck. Plus, for the first time ever, Ashley shares Larry’s tremendous journey of perseverance on the Shell Pioneering Performance stage.


[00:29:43] Skidmarks Show Origin Story

While filming the second season of “The Car Chasers“, Jeff Allen had the urge to let his hair down and pursue a passion project, an audio podcast featuring everything automotive (and some things that aren’t) with no interference from a network. After doing several interviews at a local radio station with Ethan D., Jeff Allen knew that he would make the perfect co-host. Jeff and Ethan tell the origin story of “Skidmarks Show” (@SkidmarksShow).


[00:35:50] Vaughn’s Dream Mustang

The stock Ford Mustang is a beast with 450-HP, plenty of torque, and well-balanced chassis. RTR Racing (@MustangRTR) is cranking the Mustang up to 11 with modern and aggressive styling cues, enhanced performance, and drifting balance options. We expect nothing less from professional mad man, Vaughn Gittin, Jr. (@VaughnGittinJr)! Find out more about the new Mustang RTR coming to a Ford dealership near you.


[00:42:10] Meet “The Wrenchmen”

We all know someone who has started a project car with the best of intentions, but for one reason or another, the vehicle is left sitting untouched. Cue “The Wrenchmen“! Hagerty’s (@Hagerty) Davin Reckow and Matt Lewis and are pounding the pavement in search of neglected autos with a goal of getting them back on the road. We learn what inspired Davin and Matt to get involved in the auto industry before finding out where they’ll be heading next.


[00:49:24] The Mad Scientist

You’ve seen him on some of your favorite automotive TV shows like “Car Warriors” and “The Car Chasers“, Eric Ables (@unsafescience) joins the show. Our special guest co-host, Jeff Allen (@JeffAllenLive) reveals how “The Mad Scientist” earned his nickname, before sharing a behind-the-scenes moment involving a remote-controlled, pizza box airplane.


[00:54:41] A Winning Family Legacy

Don Schumacher Racing (@shoeracing) has eight active motorsports teams. That’s right, eight! Although he has an unrivaled number of pro teams currently, Don stays humble, attributing his success to tremendous fans and talented drivers like his son, Tony (@TheSargeTF). The father-son duo sound off on success, sponsorships, and why they’d never settle for your “typical office job.”


[01:02:03] DSR for the Win

If you’re a member of Don Schumacher Racing, you’d better be prepared to be surrounded by champions. DSR is brimming with talent, and we’re honored to be joined by three impressive drivers; Matt Hagan (@MattHagan_FC), Leah Pritchett (@LeahPritchettTF), and Tommy Johnson, Jr. (@TommyJohnson_Jr). We get a glimpse into the mind of a pro-driver to find out what it takes to get behind the wheel of a 10,000-HP beast. Special shout out to the Hagan’s who recently added a beautiful baby to the family roster.


[01:11:32] Fueling Futures

Project Underdog” is the compelling web series following three young students as they set out to rebuild a 1972 Ford Maverick. The U-Dog car will be auctioned next year at Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas and proceeds will supply scholarships enabling the young build team to pursue a career in the automotive industry. Fast & Furious star, Sung Kang (@sungkang), Universal Technical Institute Director or Business Alliances, Terry Emig (@UTITweet), and UDreamTeam student, Alexis Hernandez, share how UTI has joined forces with the inspiring passion project.


[01:18:03] Busting Stereotypes

Who do you picture as the typical lowrider owner – Is it a doctor, teacher, or fireman? Quaker State (@QuakerState) and Lowrider Magazine (@LowriderMag) have joined forces to create the new video series, “Roll Models“, a show following prominent members of the lowrider community like Caesars Palace CFO, Michael Grey. Joe Ray, Rudy Rivas, and Michael give us a preview of what’s to come on the innovative program.


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  • Host: Alan Taylor
  • Co-Host: Jeff Allen
  • Producer: Becky Vaughn
  • Engineer: Jason Masters
  • Production Asst.: Joanne Bolden
  • Copy Editor: Becky Vaughn

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