THE DRIVE with Alan Taylor | Episode #272 

Covering SEMA 2016 from the Shell Pioneering Performance Stage, we speak with the heads of the automotive industry. With stunning classics, customs, and concepts galore, the automotive aftermarket it alive and well. We explore new trends, innovative ideas, charitable programs, and tried and true brands. There is a little something for every kind of car lover at this show!


  • [00:00:00] $100,000 Vehicle Purchase Protection w/ eBay Motors
  • [00:05:32] Get Your Classic Car Restored by JH Restorations
  • [00:12:34] Borla Stays on Top with New Carbon Fiber Exhaust
  • [00:19:55] Project Underdog Unveiled by Sung Kang at SEMA 2016
  • [00:31:28] New Hagerty Series, “Barn Finds” and “The Wrenchmen
  • [00:35:58] Garage Squad Gets Your Ride Back on the Road
  • [00:42:18] Invest in Your Need for Speed at a Barrett-Jackson
  • [00:48:49] Barry Meguiar Says Car Enthusiasts Rule!
  • [00:54:48] John D’Agostino Takes Celebrity Kustomz Global
  • [01:02:13] FCA Announces MOPAR News, Unveils Six Concepts
  • [01:11:36] Will Castro Announces Premier of “Unique Rides”
  • [01:18:14] Bondurant Driving School Partners w/ Dodge


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[00:00:00] $100,000 Vehicle Purchase Protection w/ eBay Motors

Buying a vehicle online for yourself or a loved one? You’re not alone. A recent eBay survey concluded 30% of Millennials are in the market to gift a car, while 15% are looking to purchase a personal vehicle. Millions of cars are sold through eBay and shipped all over the world. They make the process simple and secure. Sree Menon, General Manager of eBay Motors, tells us about Vehicle Purchase Protection, a program which covers up to $100,000 in the event of listing authenticity disputes, fraud, returns or other unforeseen issues. Discover the world of online vehicle shopping and how eBay Motors has exactly what you are looking for.


[00:05:32] Get Your Classic Car Restored by JH Restorations

Want to have your classic car restored with all original parts? Look no further than JH Restoration. Owner and star of ‘Car Warriors’, Joel Hoffman, is constantly striving to achieve high quality standards. Our special guest co-host, Jeff Allen, raves about Joel’s ability to deliver a car on time, every time. This hard-working man is dedicated to restoring your prized vehicle on schedule. Joel has been working with Original Parts Group International to build five cars for SEMA, winning Best GM Restored Vehicle on four of them. Hear about this year’s unique SEMA vehicles and the process to get them show-ready.


[00:12:34] Borla Stays on Top with New Carbon Fiber Exhaust

Go above and beyond with your exhaust! Borla, the trusted exhaust system for Ford and Shelby American, is dedicated to cultivating the ultimate in sound and high-performance standards. David Borla, V.P. of Sales and Marketing, dishes on their in-house carbon fiber capabilities, and new EcoBoost Turbocharger Upgrade Kits for the Ford F-150, Mustang, and Camaro. Taking a broader look at the automotive aftermarket, we celebrate 50 years of SEMA, the event which embodies the true spirit of the car industry, bridging all languages and boarders. If spotting a handsome ride gives you a special twinkle in your eye, find out why you should explore the magical world of SEMA!


[00:19:55] Project Underdog Unveiled by Sung Kang at SEMA 2016

Does your passion for cars drive you to dream big? Sung Kang, star of The Fast and The Furious series, has teamed up with Shell leadership to create Project Underdog, a program designed to encourage future generations to pursue a career in the automotive industry. Three students share their experience of working on Project Underdog with Kang, who taught the boys about passion, generosity and achieving their dreams. Experience these moving stories and the unveiling of their Ford Maverick project car now.


[00:31:28] New Hagerty Series, “Barn Finds” and “The Wrenchmen

Are you having a love affair with your car? Well, Larry Webster, formerly of Road & Track Magazine and now V.P. of Content for Hagerty, wants to keep the passion alive by providing content that will enthrall you. Working on classic cars with his 8-year-old son has shown him that the next generation is not losing an interest in cars. Hagerty has made it their job to enable people to enjoy cars by embracing their love for storytelling. Now partnering Shell, car buffs can enjoy innovative video series such as “Barn Finds” and “The Wrenchmen”. Take your enthusiasm for cars to the next level, listen now.


[00:35:58] Garage Squad Gets Your Ride Back on the Road

Is there a project car just sitting in your garage getting dusty? Helping get cars with unique stories back on the road is Heather Storm and Bruno Massel, Jr. Influenced by their fathers in their younger years, these two take their skills to the community with Velocity television series, “Garage Squad”. Bruno and Heather are not afraid to get their hands dirty. In each episode, they bring their skilled team to a lucky owner’s garage and make a restoration dream a reality. Each season “Garage Squad” receives over 14,000 vehicle submissions; tune in to find out how your car can become a part of the show.


[00:42:18] Invest in Your Need for Speed at a Barrett-Jackson

Are you a car lover looking to invest? The trends are changing in the automotive industry. Unlike recent years, cars are once again carrying high appreciation values. Barrett-Jackson Live Host, Chris Jacobs, gives us a preview of top-dollar rides rolling off the auction block at the upcoming Scottsdale auction. Then, Chris puts his knowledge of all-things-auto to the test during SEMA, an event which continues to attract scores of enthusiasts and automotive leaders alike. If you’re ready to put your money where your car is, find out which cars Chris and Alan predict will be instant collector cars.


[00:48:49] Barry Meguiar Says Car Enthusiasts Rule!

You are what keeps the automotive industry alive. Yes, you! There was a time when the industry was threatened by economic and performance issues, but the persistence and dedication of car lovers put an end to that. Barry Meguiar, President of Meguiar’s Car Care Products, believes that it is the passion of the people that keeps the industry growing and evolving! All over the world, gearheads share this understanding, passion, and comradery over their great connection with cars. Our collective enthusiasm has led many to creating amazing, innovative designs that are sure to stand the test of time. Get ready to shift into your passion!


[00:54:48] John D’Agostino Takes Celebrity Kustomz Global

Diggin’ those wide whites, chop tops and candy paints? John D’Agostino, Owner of Celebrity Kustoms, digs them, too. Remaining true to the traditional customizer style, his designs are radical, yet tasteful. Since 2000, John has been working with Oz Welch Kustoms to deliver some beautiful show cars. Celebrity Kustoms is now worldwide, with franchise locations in Italy, Germany, Iceland and Sweden. John plans on bringing something special to the car industry by traveling by chronicling car builds around the globe in a new video series. Learn more now.


[01:02:13] FCA Announces MOPAR News, Unveils Six Concepts

Wanting to feel like a kid in an automotive candy store? Here to tell us about staying up with technology and design trends, is FCA North America Head of Ram and Mopar Design, Joe Dehner. Hoping to inspire fellow gear heads, FCA is always bringing new designs to SEMA with caricature concepts and top-of-the-line creations. Also, a very exciting announcement for Mopar enthusiast is revealed at the show. There is now a one stop shop for original, authentic restoration parts for your sweet ride. If you’re looking to bring your classic ride back to life, we have just the answer you are looking for!


[01:11:36] Will Castro Announces Premier of “Unique Rides”

A-list style is speeding down the lane, right into your television! Will Castro, host of “Unique Rides” and owner of Will Castro Designs, has been in the celebrity car game since 1989. His influence on the industry has raised the quality standard for custom vehicles, making his unique creations highly sought after by today’s top stars. Taking his skills back to television, Will announces the premier date for his new show, “Unique Rides”, a program focused on the talented maestro and his innovative team of master craftsman. Get the inside scoop on this new show and it’s high-class clients.


[01:18:14] Bondurant Driving School Partners w/ Dodge

Is your new performance car a little too much for you? For many, driver education stops at high school. It’s time to learn how to handle that much power. Lucky for you, class is in session at Bondurant Racing School.  Bob, Pat, and Jason Bondurant reveal some exciting details on their new partnership with Dodge. Students can now get behind the wheel of Hellcat powered Vipers, Challengers, Chargers, and sporty Fiats. Whether you’re sharpening your skills on the track, or craving some desert-style adventure, this school is geared up to give you the ultimate driving experience. Buckle up, your continued driver education starts now.


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