The DRIVE with Alan Taylor | Episode #273 

On the Shell Pioneering Stage at SEMA 2016, we dive into the brains of world record breakers, phenomenal artists, and brilliant designers. With innovation at the forefront, new products hitting floors will blow your mind! From bringing back classic art of CARtoons, to legends of race history, the industry is transforming while also honoring its past, it’s time to turn up that dial and discover aftermarket glory.


  • [00:00:00] 3M Gives Back to Veterans with Hire Our Heroes
  • [00:06:33] Cody Miles Leading Pack with Air Lift Air Suspension
  • [00:12:30] Dress Up Your Truck, Protect Gear w/ A.R.E. Truck Caps
  • [00:19:50] Aaron Hagar Creates Rolling Art at Rat Runners Garage
  • [00:26:26] “All Girls Garage” Showcases Women Who Wrench
  • [00:34:20] Covercraft Car Covers Protect Your Vehicle in Style
  • [00:42:11] Prevent ‘Car Cancer’ with 3M’s Rust-fighting Products
  • [00:48:19] Back by Popular Demand, CARtoons Hits Newsstands
  • [00:54:42] Getting Creative with Airbrush Artist, Ryan Templeton
  • [01:02:02] Jessi Combs & Theresa Contreras are the ‘Real Deal’
  • [01:09:25] Steve Mank Teams Up w/ Chip Foose on Power Block TV
  • [01:18:04] Superformance Celebrates Muscle Car Legends


Discover more about segments and guests below…

[00:00:00] 3M Gives Back to Veterans with Hire Our Heroes

Many veterans are not sure where to go after they’ve served and they need a career to support their families. After coming to the realization that veterans possess many hands-on skills needed in the automotive sector, the Hire Our Heroes program was born. Dale Ross, U.S. Marketing Operations Manager for 3M Automotive, has teamed up with the Collision Repair Education Foundation to create  a program supporting those who have fought for us! The first step in exploring a career in the auto industry is making sure veterans have the proper tools. Discover how these scholarships are giving back to our heroes and military families.


[00:06:33] Cody Miles Leading Pack with Air Lift Air Suspension

Want to drive aggressively on the streets, but not break your neck over speed bumps? Performance meets convenience on the road with air suspension. That versatility was paramount for young, time-attack driver and Air Lift athlete, Cody Miles. Cody cut his teeth in motocross, and is now a proud, Subaru WRX pro-driver. We sit down with the modern racer to talk suspension, sponsors, and shattering records. Find out how Air Lift is making champs at the track!


[00:12:30] Dress Up Your Truck, Protect Gear w/ A.R.E. Truck Caps

Just got a gorgeous new truck, but need a secure storage solution? Don’t worry, we’ve got your covered. A.R.E. Accessories Marketing Manager, Bryan Mutchler, shares how the company has raised the bar on quality standards since its inception in 1969. With a plethora of design options, they’ve been said to be the best-fitting cap you can find. Recently acquired by Truck Hero, it’s A.R.E’s mission to provide the highest quality products for everyone looking to dress up their truck or protect their gear. Top-of-the-line manufacturing techniques yield long lasting, fiberglass caps which are extremely weather resistant. Join us to find the best truck cap for you!

[00:19:50] Aaron Hagar Creates Rolling Art at Rat Runners Garage

Who is the ultimate car guy with his own personal soundtrack? Aaron Hagar, son of famous rocker, Sammy Hagar, and owner of Rat Runners Garage, is one of the best rat rod creators of his time. His garage is all about “the art of resurrecting and preserving old metal”, bringing relics back to life. What’s new for Aaron? The lively car guy is busy creating music, motorcycles, and turning spare parts into functional kinetic art. Plus, find out more about the mystery project Aaron hopes to release next SEMA. Listen up and ROCK ON!


[00:26:26] “All Girls Garage” Showcases Women Who Wrench

Women only make up about 25% of the automotive industry workers, and a mere 2% hold technician roles. Women in the automotive industry are working hard to dispel the stigma that being a mechanic is a boys-only gig. Bogi Lateiner and Cristy Lee, hosts of “All Girls Garage” on Velocity, are showing off their skills and revamping the way we look at auto technicians. Bogi owns and operates her own mechanic shop, employing mostly women and teaching basic car care maintenance to her local community. Cristy holds a deep love for all things motorsports, and personally owns nine motorcycles. Together, these women bring oodles of passion to the table. Learn more about women bringing change to an industry dominated by men.

[00:34:20] Covercraft Car Covers Protect Your Vehicle in Style

Protect that precious ride of yours, but don’t hide her in the corner! Whether you’re needing to shield that gorgeous paint job from the elements or cover up those seats with some style, Covercraft has what you’re looking for. Mark Korros, Chief Executive Officer at Covercraft Industries, LLC, lets slip some of the new products to hit the floor at SEMA 2016. In business for 51 years, Covercraft has everything from innovative, transparent car covers to customizable, fashion forward patterns to fit your personality. Covercraft doesn’t just make covers, discover the world of protective possibilities now!

[00:42:11] Prevent ‘Car Cancer’ with 3M’s Rust-fighting Products

Depending on where you live, the weather can be quite an obstacle when it comes to keeping your ride pristine. Ricky Miller, Tech Service Representative for 3M Aftermarket Automotive Division, talks about different products to help combat Mother Nature. Don’t worry, 3M knows restoring a car can be taxing. That’s why their innovative products are designed to be easy to use. Ricky introduces some of 3M’s latest products, Rust Prevention Spray and Cavity Wax Plus, to keep your car in tip-top shape. Explore the many car care products available via 3M Automotive and keep rust off your classic!


[00:48:19] Back by Popular Demand, CARtoons Hits Newsstands

Do you ever wonder what Krass & Bernie are up to these days? Or do you wish you knew how to draw a classic Roadster? Well, Marc Methot is bringing the classic publication, CARtoons, back to store shelves. As a kid and avid reader of the magazine, Marc recalls waiting patiently for the bi-monthly chronicle to hit newsstands. Today, Marc is thrilled by the positive feedback he’s received from fellow fans. Original artists are welcomed back to the fold to add classic flare to the magazine. With tons of family friendly content, a new generation of kids  can enjoy learning to read, drawing classic car models, and developing a love for the hobby at large. Spread the word, this cherished magazine is back and better than ever!

[00:54:42] Getting Creative with Airbrush Artist, Ryan Templeton

Not afraid to take an exacto-knife to a Corvette; Ryan “Ryno” Templeton meticulously scraped 180,750 “stitches” into an airbrushed art piece of the American flag. The airbrush artist and owner of Blasted by Ryno, is one of the best in the industry, and is proudly displaying artwork on five cars at SEMA this year for LINEX and West Coast Customs. Being an amazing artist seems to be icing on the cake for this good-hearted, family man. Often imitated, never duplicated, Ryno’s work ethic reflects a deep passion for his craft. Discover more about Ryno’s recent projects.


[01:02:02] Jessi Combs & Theresa Contreras are the ‘Real Deal’

Sporting a spark plug tattoo, Jessi Combs, pro driver and Co-Creator of TV hit, “Real Deal”, is just one of the guys. She also happens to be the fastest women on four wheels! “It was so fast, it was slow. So loud, it’s quiet. So bumpy, it’s smooth”, shares Jessi about breaking the land-speed record. Jessi alongside her business partner, Theresa Contreras, chat with us about motorcycles they’ve designed, the creation of their company, and working together to fortify a steadfast partnership. Believing in hands-on hard work, these ladies are the ‘real deal’ in the automotive industry. They’ve designed and built many projects together, and hope to inspire many other women to do the same. Learn more.


[01:09:25] Steve Mank Teams Up w/ Chip Foose on Power Block TV

Creating the Batmobile and other cars for the 1980s Batman films, was a dream job at for a 29-year-old, Steve Mank. The Muscle TV host and owner of Conestogo Motors lets us peek behind the curtain of his storied career building cars for movies and TV shows like Dukes of Hazard, Knight Rider, and The A-Team. Working with notable car guy, Chip Foose, Steve is excited to tackle new, high-profile projects for Power Block TV. Steve tells us he loves to work on daily drivers is his spare time, and is currently touring with a ’65 Impala called “Imposter”. Find out what the future holds for one of our favorite always-on-the-go car guys.


[01:18:04] Superformance Celebrates Muscle Car Legends

The race legends should be celebrated! Lance Stander, CEO of Superformance, shares that the company specializes in building American-made muscle cars of the 1960s. These guys work with the automotive elite like Shelby American, Ford and GM to bring America’s favorite sports cars back to the streets. Known as a “kit car manufacturer”, Superformance adds modern technology to classic vehicles to increase performance. Lance is proud to report that with the advent of the Low Volume Manufacturer Act, Superformance is now earning happy customers worldwide. Click to hear more about how new life is being breathed into your favorite rides.

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