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The car industry is a passionate community of gearheads! Perhaps one of the best showcases of car-fandom is the SEMA Show is Las Vegas. On the Shell Pioneering Performance Stage we talk with inspiring contributors to this wonderful hobby; head engineers, designers, renovators, car experts, athletes and enthusiasts share their personal journeys – all fueled by the love for cars!


  • [00:00:00] Wayne Carini Shares ‘Chasing Classic Cars’ Stories
  • [00:06:47] ‘The Bandit Run’ Anniversary Ride Coming Soon
  • [00:12:32] Austin Hatcher Foundation Opening Hot Hatches Shop
  • [00:19:50] Hot Rod Chassis & Cycle Releases Le Mans Corvette
  • [00:27:09] Ringbrothers Honored with Two Cars in SEMA Top 10
  • [00:35:51] Nitto Tire: The Official Tire of King of Hammers
  • [00:42:13] NHRA’s Larry Dixon Building Top Fuel Race Team
  • [00:49:30] Doug Herbert’s B.R.A.K.E.S. Teaches Teens Safe Driving
  • [00:54:43] Lingenfelter Remakes 1964 Grand Sport Corvette
  • [01:02:05] ‘Iron Resurrection’ Creates Car Masterpieces
  • [01:09:39] Vegas Rat Rods Coming to Discovery on ‘Welder Up’
  • [01:18:06] Hollywood Hot Rods Teams Up with Courtney Hansen


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[00:00:00] Wayne Carini Shares ‘Chasing Classic Cars’ Stories

Spending 36 years hunting down your dream car sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it? Wayne Carini, host of ‘Chasing Classic Cars’, did just that and he has a Hudson Italia to prove it! The Hudson perfectly encapsulates Wayne’s love for classic cars, a passion that has been with him his entire life. Fun fact: Wayne’s dad actually founded the first Model A Restorers Club! After going to school to become an architect, Wayne opted to change gears and put his auto enthusiasm to work in the garage. This intimidating choice served him well; Now Wayne embraces ‘Chasing Classic Cars’ as a forum to discuss important topics while working on some of the coolest cars around. If you’re in hot pursuit of your dream car, you won’t want to miss this segment.


[00:06:47] ‘The Bandit Run’ Anniversary Ride Coming Soon

‘Smokey and the Bandit’ starring Burt Reynolds left an indelible mark on the muscle car industry. Founded in 2005 and employing over 20 technicians, Restore A Muscle car specializes in revitalizing American-made classic muscle cars like the iconic black and gold Pontiac Trans Am. In fact, owner Dave Hall says they were one of the first shops to do a complete frame-off of the Trans Am. After finishing their first frame-off car, the idea for The Bandit Run, an eleven day road trip, was born. Learn how you can join in on the Hollywood-inspired joy ride.


[00:12:32] Austin Hatcher Foundation Opening Hot Hatches Shop

When it comes to cancer, it’s important to know that you’re not alone. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of programs to help families through tough times. This became all too apparent to Amy Jo and Jim Osborn after losing their eight week old son to cancer. To ensure that other families don’t have to battle the ‘Big C’ alone, Amy and Jim created the Austin Hatcher Foundation, a support system designed to enrich the quality of life for kids with cancer as well as their families. Coming soon in 2017 is a new therapy center, Hot Hatches Shop, and it’s nothing short of inspirational. In an automotive-themed therapy center, kids can work on cars to help tune their fine motor skills which cancer treatment tends to diminish. The center will provide families with something to do that is both educational and therapeutic. Time to get inspired, click now.


[00:19:50] Hot Rod Chassis & Cycle Releases Le Mans Corvette

Classic power, traditional style and modern safety features are very important to modern heritage racing. With that in mind, Kevin Tully and Chad Hill of Hot Rod Chassis & Cycle, have taken their Le Mans Corvette race car to a whole new level by adding innovative rear suspension. The recent restoration pays homage to childhoods spent watching the original Le Mans Races in the ’70s, and will compete in the upcoming Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational. Hear what’s next for Hot Rod Chassis & Cycle.


[00:27:09] Ringbrothers Honored with Two Cars in SEMA Top 10

Merging yester-tech with current-tech is a specialty for the Ringbrothers. Jim and Mike Ring are highly sought after in the automotive industry. These guys believe in getting down and dirty with their shop mechanics – their hard work payed off big at SEMA! Two Ringbrother masterpieces were selected for the SEMA 2016 Battle of the Builders; a four-car amalgamation creates the stunning 1948 Cadillac, and their ’69 Camaro has us feeling weak in the knees. Tune in to get an inside look at how these top-of-the-line restorers geared up for the SEMA.


[00:35:51] Nitto Tire: The Official Tire of King of Hammers

There is something special about when a new pair of shoes have the perfect fit straight off the shelf. Well, tires are the shoes for your car and your car loves that feeling too. Chris Corbett, Light Truck & Off-Road Brand Manager of Nitto Tire, tells us why quality matters when selecting the right tires for your ride. Choosing the perfect tires is easy with Nitto Tire; from performance to off-road, they have a little something for everyone. As the official tire of King of Hammers, Nitto Tire works diligently to raise the bar on their product innovations, ensuring consumers get high-quality tires capable of the most extreme conditions (like charging through the desert and scaling boulders). Learn more.


[00:42:13] NHRA’s Larry Dixon Building Top Fuel Race Team

Professional car racing is hard. Races can be won and lost in a blink of the eye, and it takes an immense dedication to the sport day in and day out to achieve greatness. Three time NHRA world champion, Larry Dixon is no stranger to the pitfalls that beguile many drag racers. Did you know that top fuel cars can burn up to four gallons of gas per minute when idling? The prohibitive cost of entry is enough to deter many bright-eyed gearheads. Larry dishes on the business of drag racing, plans to own his own top fuel team, his ’66 Chevy II, and more. Learn what it takes to be a world champion NHRA driver.


[00:49:30] Doug Herbert’s B.R.A.K.E.S. Teaches Teens Safe Driving

Is your teen driving? If so, you likely know the nerve-wracking feeling of handing over the car keys. Driving is a great privilege, young drivers need the skills necessary to make the journey safe as well as fun! Doug Herbert aims to make safe driving a habit for parents and kids alike with via B.R.A.K.E.S After losing his two teenage sons to a terrible car accident, Doug’s heart was set on making our roadways safer. Upon discovering that 90% of teenagers are in an accident in the first three years, he decided that he wanted to help diminish that percentage. B.R.A.K.E.S. is a charity performance driving school that teaches teenagers how to drive defensively. Discover how you can get your family on the road to safety.


[00:54:43] Lingenfelter Remakes 1964 Grand Sport Corvette

So many classic cars to restore and upgrade, so little time! Born into a car loving family, Ken Lingenfelter, Owner of Lingenfelter Performance Engineering, continues down the path of creating high-quality builds. He is passionate about power and innovation and shares the latest projects to come from the Lingenfelter HQ. With four vehicles to show off at SEMA, Ken raves about how great of a show it has been for them. Ken’s favorite project? It could be the GM Grand Sport Corvette with 550-HP! Click to learn about the “Dream Car Giveaway” as well as new projects on the horizon for Lingenfelter Performance.


[01:02:05] ‘Iron Resurrection’ Creates Car Masterpieces

Teamwork makes the dream work, especially when it comes to show business. Martin Bros Customs Owner, Amanda Martin, travels around with cast member Shag Arrington to wheel and deal for some hidden Texan treasures. They then drag it back to the garage, to custom fabricator and painter, Joe Martin, for a complete resurrection. You may recognize the team from their success on the ‘Biker Build Off’which paved the way for their new television program, ‘Iron Resurrection’. Amanda is the banker of the group, Shag is the bargainer, and Joe does the garage work; between the three of them they are working magic on cars that people have given up on. They are one big family and it’s reflected in the show. Explore the world of automotive show business with the Iron Resurrection cast.


[01:09:39] Vegas Rat Rods Coming to Discovery on ‘Welder Up’

Welding is a dangerous form of art and has a culture all its own; many artists revel in the ability to transform junk into a masterpiece. Fabricating a car from the ground up takes a lot of dedication and planning, but for ‘Vegas Rat Rods’ star, and Owner of Welder Up, Steve Darnell, it’s a fun and rewarding experience. As a Vegas native, Steve believes he’s in the perfect environment to build killer rat rods. Welder Up proudly displayed three vehicles (read: rolling artwork) at SEMA 2016. Many projects were completed with an “old school style” and ooze artistic flare. Steve dishes on the future of the hobby and fills us in on what we can expect from the Welder Up crew in the year ahead.


[01:18:06] Hollywood Hot Rods Teams Up with Courtney Hansen

When it comes to restoring classic cars, some believe that there should be a certain level of respect for tradition. Building legendary hot rods is easy for Troy Ladd, Owner of Hollywood Hot Rods. He and his team of specialized mechanics are committed to building in the traditional style. These guys work hard to stay above the competition and deliver nothing but quality cars. Troy announces a new show coming to Velocity with car expert and TV personality, Courtney Hansen. Troy and Courtney teamed up because of their mutual appreciation for really good car television, and have no interest in the typical Hollywood drama. The show is meant to be about people, their cars and the stories behind them. Join us while Troy dishes on plans for the new show. Plus, learn more about Troy’s ’63 Comet Coyote Convertible and ’32 Ford Roadster at SEMA 2016.


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