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Keeping up with the Jones’ of the automotive industry is not as easy as you would think. Fear not because we have the tools you will need to stay ahead of the game. Technology is constantly advancing and the leaders in the industry are intent on wowing consumers. After all, your daily driver should express your love for all things auto whether it be in the way it drives, the gorgeous design, or the tech-connection that allows you to get through the day. We chat with BJ Killeen, Karl Brauer, Josh Hancock, and other top experts in the car business for the latest need-to-know updates that make new car shopping a piece of cake. From test drive reviews to off-road racing schools, we have a little bit for every car lover out there.


  • [00:00:00] Buying Trusted Brands in the Auto Industry
  • [00:06:39] Long Term Test Drive with Kia Sedona Minivan
  • [00:12:30] Shelby Hall Takes Over Rod Hall Drive
  • [00:19:51] Exploring the Design Language of Lexus LC 500 
  • [00:29:18 Lexus LC 500 Takes Safety to Explosive Heights
  • [00:35:52] Kia and Hyundai Eliminate 12-Volt Battery
  • [00:42:12] ‘John Wick: Chapter 2’ Demolishes ’69 Mustangs
  • [00:49:04] Ford Mustang No Longer ‘Secretary’s Car’
  • [00:54:43] Toyota Dominates Midsize Truck Segment
  • [01:02:03] Bollinger Motors Creates First Electric SUV 
  • [01:11:04] Sears Extends Reach of Iconic Brand, DieHard
  • [01:17:50] DieHard Auto Centers Offer Digital Tire Journey


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[00:00:00] Buying Trusted Brands in the Auto Industry

We are all loyal to our favorite brands and our confidence with their respective quality is what keeps us coming back for more. Marketing is extremely important in the automotive industry, making it possible for established brands to branch out into other fields because they hold consumer trust. Alan and BJ Killeen discuss the importance of brand reputation when it comes to purchasing a new vehicle. Discover more.


[00:06:39] Long Term Test Drive with Kia Sedona Minivan

After 60,000 miles, the KIA Sedona minivan is proving to be a quality machine with very little issues to address, according to automotive journalist, BJ Killeen. BJ raves about the vehicle which she believes is one of the best cars she has ever driven. The Sedona makes affordable quality attainable and enjoyable for the whole family. Although there have been a few minor recalls, BJ says they were quick fixes with nothing to worry about. Explore the KIA Sedona minivan with us now.


[00:12:30] Shelby Hall Takes Over Rod Hall Drive

Famous four-wheeler, Rod Hall has never missed a Baja 1000 since the race’s humble beginnings in 1967. If that was your grandpa, you might just have a little passion for racing in your heart as well. After just one race, professional driver and Rod’s granddaughter, Shelby Hall, caught off-road fever and endeavored to tackle both the Baja 500 and Mint 400! For Shelby, it’s more than just a hobby. In fact, she’ll be taking over the family business; Rod Hall Drive, a 4×4 off-road platform created to train adventurers for safe, skilled, and exciting driving. Indulge in the rough and tough world of off-road driving at its finest with 4-wheel drive training and guided tours. Learn more.


[00:19:51] Exploring the Design Language of Lexus LC 500 

The new Lexus LC 500 exudes drama and passion with its flawless design. Karl Brauer, Executive Publisher for Kelley Blue Book, put the LC 500 through its paces in a recent Hawaiian test drive (Wow, life is rough). While the interior is luxurious and the drive train packs a punch and drives gorgeously, the real magic is the blow-your-mind styling of the exterior. The hourglass shaped spindle grill gives this car an aggressive and impressive look. Karl happily turned the heads of onlookers as he cruised around the island. Learn more about the former concept car now.


[00:29:18 Lexus LC 500 Takes Safety to Explosive Heights

Research has shown that most vehicle-to-human injuries occur from a dramatic hit to the head on the engine manifold. This truth has lead to larger, less attractive hood designs – Safety first, kids! KBB’s Karl Brauer reports on a new safety feature that keeps the Lexus LC 500 looking sleek while rendering it extremely safe. The innovation, tiny explosives underneath the hood, let off a small charge to pop the hood upward, mitigating impact and creating a slight cushion. This design makes it possible for the car to keep its sleek, low profile hood. Learn more.


[00:35:52] Kia and Hyundai Eliminate 12-Volt Battery

The days of pouring water onto your battery are a thing of the past. Soon, traditional batteries will go the way of the dodo bird as well. BJ Killeen explains Kia and Hyundai plan to eliminate the 12 volt battery in new electric rides, significantly reducing overall vehicle weight. Kia estimates up to a 22-lbs. loss while Hyundai stands to lose a reported 26-lbs. Light-weighting and fuel efficiency are quickly becoming key selling points in the automotive industry. Are you ready to purchase a leaner, meaner, EV?


[00:42:12] ‘John Wick: Chapter 2’ Demolishes ’69 Mustangs

In the latest Hollywood blockbuster, ‘John Wick: Chapter 2’, a nice-guy assassin (Keanu Reeves) will stop at nothing to steal back his beloved 1969 Mustang from the baddies. After a silver screen car chase, JoshCAR’s Josh Hancock predicts Ford Mustang sales will rise. Josh served as an automotive creative consultant for the movie and got to witness five identical Mustangs being destroyed in the filming of this movie (Ouch!). While Mustang enthusiasts may not be incredibly happy, we know that this epic scene was made possible thanks to their sacrifice. Join us for behind-the-scenes secrets that make this action-packed movie a car fan-favorite.


[00:49:04] Ford Mustang No Longer ‘Secretary’s Car’

The 2018 Mustang is just another reflection of Ford’s commitment to design. Josh Hancock of JoshCAR talks about small tweaks and styling improvements Ford has implemented to make the Mustang an even prettier pony than before. Added bonus, for those who are not worried about having max horsepower, Ford plans to release a hybrid version in the near future. The former ‘secretary car’ is now the best-selling sports car in the world. This subtly striking, powerful vehicle continues to awe spectators, and is prominently featured in recent action-thriller, ‘John Wick: Chapter 2’. Explore why consumers continue their love-affair with the Mustang.


[00:54:43] Toyota Dominates Midsize Truck Segment

Dodge is dropping the new Demon, teaser videos have been unleashed online, and we are losing our flippin’ minds! Changing gears, the Toyota Tacoma has gotten a size upgrade, and is now one of the best-selling trucks in the midsize range. While the Ford Ranger is a close second, there’s still no room to complain about the sheer versatility of the Tacoma. On or off-road, these trucks are like billy goats, climbing on various terrains and then hitting the road with ease and comfort. Then, BJ Killeen of CarBuzzard discusses her test drive of the new Mercedes E300 with new and improved safety features for added comfort.


[01:02:03] Bollinger Motors Creates First Electric SUV

Electric vehicles are becoming the norm, however, Bollinger Motors is readyto spice up the category! Cattle farmer, industrial designer, and Founder and CEO of Bollinger Motors, Robert Bollinger, drops by to share a little about the world’s first electric sports utility vehicle. The innovative SUV will be all electric, weigh 3,000 pounds and have a load capacity of 7,000 pounds. Completely road legal by all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, this vehicle was designed with an industrial edge featuring an aluminum frame, all-wheel drive, minimum 14-inch ground clearance, and a 120-mile electric range. Find out more.


[01:11:04] Sears Extends Reach of Iconic Brand, DieHard

50 years of business has made Sears one of America’s most trusted brands, and after years of being a top battery retailer, they’ve decided to branch out into the tire business. Sears Holdings Corporation’s Tom Park and Brian Kaner announce the opening of the DieHard Automotive Center in San Antonio! Customers can expect state-of-the-art products and services in a comfortable setting with this first-of-its-kind automotive center. Listen in for more on this exciting addition to one of your favorite brands!


[01:17:50] DieHard Auto Centers Offer Digital Tire Journey

When it comes to shopping for tires, it can be a scary process with your own safety on the line. Tom Park and Brian Kaner of Sears Holdings Corporation announce new technology available at the first-of-its-kind DieHard Auto Center in San Antonio. The Digital Tire Journey is a web app that relies on IBM Watson Natural Language Classifier to help customers identify the appropriate tires to fit their driving preferences. It’s DieHard’s goal to offer consumers exceptional service and low pricing options on products you can trust. Click now to find out more.


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