THE DRIVE with Alan Taylor | Episode #281

There are car guys and girls all over the world and today we hear from some of our favorites. At the top of the hour, we’re on the line with Canadian automotive journalist, Norris McDonald, chatting about his induction into the Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame, and his thoughts on the 2017 Land Rover Discovery. Then, Chris Duke gives us the lowdown on the newest episode of Motorz, “2000 Ford Ranger Part 1”. Next up is BJ Killeen sharing her review on Hyundai’s new level-up brand, Genesis. Kia’s James Bell raves about the new Stinger which is garnering favor from auto journalists around the world. Dennis Collins of Collins Bros Jeep tells us a little about notable company growth propelled by Jeep fandome. We end the hour with Rephin Productions CEO, Carson Lev, sharing the history of his company, and an exciting new TV project starring Chip Foose. We’ve got the top the top auto news and reviews to keep your engines revving. Listen now.


  • [00:00:00] Test Drives and Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame
  • [00:06:20] Veteran Test Driver Shows Newbie the Ropes
  • [00:12:30] 2017 Land Rover Discovery Climbs Boulders
  • [00:19:51] Safety at its Finest: 2017 Land Rover Discovery
  • [00:26:30] Motorz TV Takes on Filthy 2000 Ford Ranger
  • [00:35:52] ‘Wolf’ Racecar Track Test and Volvo S90 Review
  • [00:42:12] The Automotive Journalist Experience
  • [00:48:15] Hyundai Levels Up with Genesis Brand
  • [00:54:43] Kia Shows Off Stinger on Lakes of Sweden
  • [01:02:03] Searching for Perfect Project Vehicle? Think Jeep
  • [01:12:25] Chip Foose Inducted into SEMA Hall of Fame
  • [01:18:04] Dreaming Up Projects with Chip Foose


Discover more about segments and guests below…

[00:00:00] Test Drives and Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame

Would you take your rear-wheel drive sports car on muddy, mountain back roads? No, you know better than that! Our very own Alan Taylor has had the privilege to test the mettle of  countless new cars for leading brands including Land Rover and Jaguar. Alan explains, many OEM’s make it a priority to bring automotive journalists to an environment which showcases their car’s unique capabilities, providing a real-life experience for test drivers. Find out some of Alan’s most memorable driving experiences. Then, Alan introduces us to the first automotive journalist to be inducted into the Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame, Norris McDonald. Being in the business for many years, Norris shares this momentous experience in his life and stories about other motorsport celebrities that were inducted along with him. Hear more about test drives and this automotive friendship that was formed between two true ‘car guys’.


[00:06:20] Veteran Test Driver Shows Newbie the Ropes

Reviewing a car is so much better when you have the hands-on experience of a test drive. Automotive journalist, Norris McDonald, has been editing car reviews for many years, however, he was never the lucky guy behind the wheel. Recently, Norris had an opportunity to start test driving and he jumped at the chance. Hopping into the 2017 Land Rover Discovery with veteran test driver, Alan, he got to see what a ‘crazy car guy’ can do with a new vehicle. From climbing over boulders in the sand dunes of St. George,Utah to putting the pedal-to-the-metal on the freeway, this full-size SUV drives like a dream. Explore more about the 2017 Land Rover Discovery now.


[00:12:30] 2017 Land Rover Discovery Climbs Boulders

The designers of the 2017 Land Rover Discovery knew exactly what they were doing. While the ‘boulder climbing technology’ may not be what everyone needs in a daily driver, this car is capable of doing whatever you need it to. Norris McDonald, Automotive Journalist for Toronto Star Wheels, talks with Alan about their outstanding test drive experience where the full-size SUV conquered some extreme terrain – The stiff chassis left them feeling like they were still sitting in the parking lot, even with a tire hanging three feet off the ground in a boulder pinch. Loaded with safety features like ‘Hill Descent Control’ and the ability to wade through up to three feet of water, the Discovery is a revolution in luxury off-roading. Find out more about the versatile vehicle equally ready to tackle sand dunes or simply go cruising for coffee.


[00:19:51] Safety at its Finest: 2017 Land Rover Discovery

When it comes to safety, today’s technology is reaching limits beyond our wildest dreams. The 2017 Land Rover Discovery is equipped with everything from All-Terrain Progress Control to a best-in-class tow capacity of up to 8,210-pounds. Automotive journalist for the Toronto Star, Norris McDonald, shares his excitement over many features, especially the Traffic Sign Recognition system that will actually slow you down or speed you up based on the road signs you pass. Find out all the hidden tech-treasures of this all-terrain SUV that will keep you feeling safe, no matter the adventure.


[00:26:30] Motorz TV Takes on Filthy 2000 Ford Ranger

The time of mid-size trucks is once again on the rise and the Ford Ranger is set to make a comeback by the year 2019. Chris Duke recently fixed up a down-and-dirty 2000 Ford Ranger on the latest episode of Motorz TV. The sheer amount of caked on mud was staggering! It took some massive power washing and steam cleaning to bring this truck back to life; with a few other cosmetic touch-ups and a drop-in bed liner, the Ranger received a shocking makeover. Never watched Motorz? Tune in to learn how you can maintain and upgrade cars and trucks in your own garage; no fancy engine hoists required, just a set of Craftsmen tools. For DIY car project ideas that don’t cost a fortune, look no further than Motorz! Learn more.


[00:35:52] ‘Wolf’ Racecar Track Test and Volvo S90 Review

Chris Duke and Alan Taylor are traveling far and wide in the latest episode of Motorz TV and you don’t want to miss is. Chris takes a 2000 Ford Ranger from a grimy truck to a daily driver you can be proud of with just a few cosmetic changes and tons of elbow grease. Then, we chat with Alan about his worldwide automotive adventures including track testing a ‘Wolf’ racecar at Spring Mountain Motor Resort and test driving the new Volvo S90 in Spain. Tune in now.


[00:42:12] The Automotive Journalist Experience

The life of an automotive journalist is never dull and auto manufactures continue to throw these ‘car guys’ for a loop. BJ Killeen and Alan talk love test driving and reviewing cars for gearheads everywhere, and offer listeners a pro tip; off-road test drives can be frightening, it takes experience to trust a vehicle’s off-road capability and turn fear into fun. Alan says, “The manufactures are not there to kill us or scare the hell out of us. They want us to say, ‘Wow, this is amazing.’” Discover more on the fascinating, fast-paced lifestyle of automotive journalism.


[00:48:15] Hyundai Levels Up with Genesis Brand

For many years, Hyundai has been the little-car-company-that-could. In the automotive manufacturing world, many brands have luxury branches (Toyota has Lexus, Nissan has Infiniti and Honda has Acura). So, it was high time for Hyundai to get classy. They’re stepping into the luxury market with their leveled-up brand, Genesis and recently introduced G80 and G90 models. Besides being fast, BJ Killeen tells us that both models are extremely quiet and deliver elegant design nuances. Are you ready to step into luxury with Genesis?


[00:54:43] Kia Shows Off Stinger on Lakes of Sweden

Kia is raising the bar when it comes to affordable sports cars and everyone all over the world wants a look at it. The Kia Stinger, with its 365 horsepower and all-wheel or rear-wheel drive options, is exactly what the Kia’s engineers were wanting, fun! The Stinger was taken to Arjeplog, Sweden to race on one of the many frozen lakes in the area where journalists lined-up to try this baby out. Kia chose to test the Stinger on ice to give the all-wheel drive system a chance to shine and show off key features like traction control and braking which require excellent balance control. The take away for journalists: Kia is shifting their focus to make driving fun, safe, and reliable even in extreme conditions. Uncover why the Kia Stinger is changing the way we look at sports cars.


[01:02:03] Searching for Perfect Project Vehicle? Think Jeep

Dennis Collins, Owner of Collins Bros. Jeep, is here to tell us a little about his history in the Jeep business dating back to 1984, and describes the brand loyalty that comes with Jeep ownership. Owners of these off-road wonders definitely put a lot of time, energy and love into adding personalized aftermarket touches. When it comes to ‘DIY Garage Guys’, Jeeps are the perfect project vehicle in their raw form. In fact, they come in second as the most accessorized vehicle (Harley Davidson holds the #1 spot). With one of the highest resale values on the market, Jeep is at the top of the list for multiple-vehicle owners. Listen in to find out more about the loyal community of Jeep lovers.


[01:12:25] Chip Foose Inducted into SEMA Hall of Fame

Chip Foose has had a busy year, making huge strides in TV production, marketing, sponsorship and branding. Chip is taking time off to heal from an injury, so we chat with his partner in crime and CEO of Redphin Productions, Carson Lev. Carson fills us in on Chip’s recent induction to the SEMA Hall of Fame. Then, we find out what’s next for Foose Design, and discuss recent project vehicles including Wes Rydell’s 1939 Cadillac concept dubbed “Madam X”, a 1971 Ford Mustang/1932 Sedan mash-up, and more. Discover why Chip is one of the best in the business.


[01:18:04] Dreaming Up Projects with Chip Foose

Like a sports agent for car guys, Redphin Productions goes above and beyond for the companies they work for. Redphin CEO, Carson Lev, give us an inside look on the branding and marketing their company does before dishing on some of the great companies they work with. Long-time friend and business cohort, Chip Foose, has been dreaming up ideas for his future in TV. Being a car guy or girl, means that you have a connection to the hobby and usually behind that connection is a story that needs to be told. Chip wants to be able to tell stories with his car renovations and show the emotional attachment that comes along with the car-lover mentality. Join us as we look into the future for Foose Design and Redphin Productions.


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