THE DRIVE with Alan Taylor | Episode #283

This episode is packed with automotive genius and we hear from the experts that are out in the field of this ever-evolving industry. Autoblog’s Michael Austin shares his experience from the Geneva International Motor Show and, his views on President Trump’s review of the CAFE standards. Brian Moody of Autotrader reviews the environmentally conscious Honda Clarity with hydrogen fuel cell. Then, we chat with Josh Hancock of JoshCAR about the latest car-centric movies, and the limo he helped create for the new movie starring Hugh Jackman, Logan. In the second hour, we hear from BJ Killeen about finally purchasing her long-term test drive, KIA Sedona, and she fills us in on the war brewing between BMW and Mercedes-Benz. We end the hour with John Ellis of Ellis & Associates, who helps us catch a glimpse into the future of our cars becoming sentient beings as well as Tesla’s dedication to safety. Technology is creating a more dynamic future for our vehicles. Find out more now.


  • [00:00:00] Autoblog Reviews Geneva Motor Show
  • [00:06:35] Trump to Review the CAFE Standards
  • [00:12:30]  Autoblog Has the Newest Automotive Reviews
  • [00:15:36] Environmentally Conscious Honda Clarity
  • [00:23:45] Logan Futuristic Limo is Stumping Car Guys
  • [00:31:33] Driving Films on the Horizon for Hollywood
  • [00:42:12] BJ Killeen Buys Her Test Drive KIA Sedona
  • [00:47:47] A War Brews Between Mercedes-Benz & BMW
  • [00:53:43] The Automotive World is Well Connected
  • [01:02:03] Carbon-based Lifeforms & Autonomous Cars
  • [01:11:27] Soon Our Cars Will Be Sentient Beings
  • [01:18:04] Tesla Continues to Enhance Safety Through Air


Discover more about segments and guests below…

[00:00:00] Autoblog Reviews Geneva Motor Show

Ultimate car guy and Editor-in-Chief of Autoblog, Michael Austin, tells us a little about what he loved about the Geneva International Motor Show. A car show filled with dream rides, the event is full of super cars such as the newest McLaren, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Bentley EV. With green energy now translating into high performance, Porsche has released the Panamera Turbo S, a hybrid that happens to have the second highest horsepower Porsche has ever made. The Volkswagen group owns many of the popular brands we know and love, including Porsche, and they are starting to really go for the gold in the economic, performance area. Join us as Michael raves about his favorite cars at the show.

[00:06:35] Trump to Review the CAFE Standards

Automotive manufactures have guidelines that they must adhere to and the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards are up for review by President Trump. Currently, the CAFE is set at 54.5-MPG by the year 2025, meaning that all manufactures must reach that average level of fuel efficiency for their entire fleet. A lot of experts in the automotive industry are skeptical about this being a reality by then, believing that we may not have the technology. Autoblog’s Michael Austin is optimistic that upcoming innovations may help auto makers get to this point and he also believes that if these standards are revised correctly, it could benefit everyone in the long run. Learn more about CAFE and what it means for the future of fuel.

[00:12:30] Autoblog Has the Newest Automotive Reviews

Michael Austin, Editor-in-Chief of Autoblog, talks about some new information he’s heard about the release of the Dodge Demon. He also explains the growth that is happening at Autoblog and what is in store for the future. They have news, reviews, and studies that cover everything you could want to know about the auto industry. More recently they posted a survey done by J.D. Power and Associates that ranks the dealership service departments with the best customer service in the USA. With a new look and user-friendly website, Autoblog has made researching simple for anyone that is in the market for a new car. Listen now if you’re looking to up your knowledge before purchasing a car, stay informed on the latest rides, or just learn something new about your car passion.


[00:15:36] Environmentally Conscious Honda Clarity

We get to discover a new future for electric vehicles with Brian Moody, Editor of Autotrader. He talks about Trump’s proposed review of the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards and the role he sees for automotive experts in this upcoming revision.

Then he dives into his review of the brand new Honda Clarity, an all-electric with hydrogen fuel cell tech. With an abundant electric range of 366 miles, this car converts hydrogen into electricity giving it instant acceleration with zero emissions. Automotive manufactures have created the perfect blend of the energy efficiency and performance, appealing to the car lovers who crave power. This car feels quick for an electric vehicle and is extremely fun to drive, boasting 174-Horsepower. Discover why environmentally friendly cars no longer have to be boring.


[00:23:45] Logan Futuristic Limo is Stumping Car Guys

Josh Hancock of JoshCAR knows movies – more specifically he’s an expert when it comes to those iconic Hollywood cars. He recently worked on the movie Logan and raves about the finished product. While it is difficult for him to objectively review a movie that he has read every page of the script of, he was very pleasantly surprised by the outcome. With the help of designer, Nick Pugh and Chrysler, this dream team created a one-of-a-kind limousine that dominates the screen. This limo, with its uniquely futuristic design, portrays a vehicle we actually may see in the near future and car guys are dying to know more about it. Listen in for more on this film that takes limos to a whole new level.


[00:31:33] Driving Films on the Horizon for Hollywood

The love for cars is one that will not go away quickly and Hollywood is bringing some epic driving stories to the screen. JoshCAR’s Josh Hancock tells us about current and upcoming projects including Logan starring Hugh Jackman and Baby Driver, featuring some of the best stunt driving the silver screen has ever seen (The Subaru WRX STI has us drooling). We also look forward to a string of releases all focusing on the notorious squabble between Enzo Ferrari and Henry Ford II. With all this car talk, Josh can’t help but gush over the ever-popular Dodge Demon and epic Ford Raptor. Find out more about what rides will be hitting the red carpet next.


[00:42:12] BJ Killeen Buys Her Test Drive KIA Sedona

A lot of magazines get a car to test drive for their reviews generally accumulating about 18,000 miles. BJ Killeen, always an overachiever, has been doing a long-term test drive of the KIA Sedona for more than two years, and has racked up 60,000 real-world miles. Now that it’s time to give the car back, it’s become nearly impossible for BJ to pry the steering wheel from her husband’s hands. Find out more about the hair-pulling process of purchasing a manufacturer-owned KIA Sedona.


[00:47:47] A War Brews Between Mercedes-Benz & BMW

“There is a war brewing”, says BJ Killeen, referring to the high-end car sector. For years, BMW has held the title for the best luxury car, however, this last year Mercedes-Benz kicked them to the curb. Now it is time for BMW to step up by launching the biggest offensive in their history; they will release 40 model variants, including the X2 Compact SUV and a full-size X7 Crossover. With so many models to choose from, BJ has to wonder about the confusion that this will create for consumers. Alan predicts that this may be a positive thing because you will only have to go to one dealership to view many variations. Explore more about BMW’s future – this could be history in the making.


[00:53:43] The Automotive World is Well Connected

With more than 350 car models flooding the U.S. market, BJ Killeen says intriguing marketing is key to tapping into consumer buying power. People buy brands – typically staying loyal to companies they trust who offer unique services. The car industry creates ample bedfellows since it involves a bevy of commodities such as fabric and upholstery, plastic, rubber, wood, precious metals, tech, and so much more. Because of this, ad agencies gain astronomic, billable hours from car manufactures – holding on tooth and nail when they secure an OEM account. Recently, one ad agency has made the press wire after leaving their reputable client. Intrigued? Hear more now.


[01:02:03] Carbon-based Lifeforms & Autonomous Cars

Autonomous vehicles are here to stay, and those who create our safety guidelines are now redefining them. Years ago, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) wrote pages of rules revolving around self-driving cars, mainly pertaining to the driver. An unusual and controversial California DMV stipulation dictates that only human beings may get behind the wheel. In a shocking turn of events, the Golden State issued official statutory language removing that requirement. After receiving loads of industry backlash, they realized that the verbiage change may not be in the state’s best interest. In years past, NHTSA had issued new language referring to the driver of a car, stating that, ‘The term driver could be either a human being or a drive computer’. Discover more about what’s in store for autonomous cars.


[01:11:27] Soon Our Cars Will Be Sentient Beings

Can you imagine a time where your vehicle is a sentient being? Ellis & Associates Founder, John Ellis, predicts we’re on the precipice of this science fiction-esque future, and helps us make sense of the world of connected car communication. John’s company assists others in understanding “Transportation 2.0”, focusing on embedded software solutions and forming business strategies relating to the Internet of Things (IOT). In this vein, John postulates we can expect vehicles will soon be able to recognize each other on the road, drastically reducing the number of accidents. The vision is that car technology will sense, feel and understand driving conditions, reacting appropriately. Soon, your car may be a better driver than you. Learn more.


[01:18:04] Tesla Continues to Enhance Safety Through Air

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released their final investigation report noting that Tesla cars with enabled Autopilot software were involved in 40% less accidents than vehicles without it. That revelation was profound and may help nudge consumers into a more tech-forward driving experience. John Ellis of Ellis & Associates explains a key component of the high-end OEM’s success is their ability to upload over-the-air software updates to vehicles, giving Tesla owners the rare ability to receive recent updates as soon as they are available. Discover more.


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