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One-of-a-kind rides from all over the world cruise into town for Monterey Car Week. There is never a dull moment once the cars arrive, and you can even walk out of a cheap hotel room and see a Lamborghini or Porsche sitting right there. This show is a pivotal place for high rollers to come show off their dream cars. If you’re lucky enough to see the car sitting on the lawn of Pebble Beach, you had better take it all in because it may be the only time you will ever see it in your life. We chat with some of the heavy hitters of the auto industry live from the green. Guests include Josh Hancock, Dave Kunz, Dan Sandberg, Ed Justice, Jr., Wade Kawasaki, Corky Coker, Barry Meguiar, Craig Jackson, Dennis Collins, Chris Smith, Ken Eberts, and Pietro Zollino. They are on the air telling stories, giving rave reviews, and gushing over their favorite parts of this sophisticated event. Don’t miss all the fun, listen now.

  • [00:00:00] Epic Views of Monterey Car Week
  • [00:06:17] Alpha Romeo 4C and the Acura NSX
  • [00:12:31] Adam Corolla Drives Paul Newman Porsche
  • [00:19:52] SEMA Donates $1-million to Digitize Images
  • [00:29:10] Karl Brauer Arrives in Honda Private Jet
  • [00:35:53] Astounding History on the Lawn of Pebble Beach
  • [00:42:16] Craig Jackson: Oracle of the Automotive Hobby
  • [00:47:50] Collecting the Cars We Grew Up With
  • [00:54:47] Automotive Art at its Finest and Priciest
  • [01:02:08] Acura NSX is Honda’s Halo Car Supercar
  • [01:09:30] Dennis Collins Car Sales at Monterey Car Week
  • [01:18:11] 2022 Volkswagen to Release Pure Electric ID Bus

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[00:00:00] Epic Views of Monterey Car Week

Cars flock from all over the world to the beautiful Pebble Beach for Monterey Car Week. Everywhere you look there are one of a kind rides on display, and nearby hotels play host to Lamborghinis, McLarens and more. JoshCAR’s Hollywood Car Consultant, Josh Hancock, and ABC-7’s Dave Kunz discuss some of the epic cars they saw before they even made it to the event. The DRIVE broadcasts live from the edge of the green, with eye catching ocean views, exciting late model vehicles and more. They even caught the iconic automotive customizer, Gene Winfield, dancing near the Reactor, a space-age car from the 60s.

[00:06:17] Alpha Romeo 4C and the Acura NSX

The competition to design the perfect race car has been going on for decades, but the big players are raising the stakes at Monterey Car Week. Dan Sandberg, President of Brembo North America, and Ed Justice, Jr., President of Justice Brothers, Inc. talk with us about some of the cars they got to drive at the Mazda Raceway. Dan raves about his drive in Acura’s newest supercar, the NSX, and Ed describes his ride in the Alpha Romeo 4C. Also, Hollywood Car Consultant of JoshCAR, Josh Hancock, explains what he believes a ‘nervous’ car means. You can find some of the most beautiful cars in the world out here.

[00:12:31] Adam Corolla Drives Paul Newman’s  Porsche

How carefully would you drive a multi-million dollar car? Well, Dan Sanberg of Brembo North America, and Ed Justice, Jr. of Justice Brothers, Inc. buzz about the reason they went down to the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. Comedian Adam Corolla brought out a Porsche, valued at $4.4 million, which was previously owned by Paul Newman. While many of the other racers were speeding around the track, Adam took it easy and drove his car with tender loving care. Also, Ed tells us that he considers the Mazda Raceway a national treasure and why he believes it to be one of the top five road courses in the world. Explore other cars that raced this week.

[00:19:52] SEMA Donates $1-million to Digitize Images

Automotive passion is the core of SEMA, and it has been the dedication to their values that has landed them on car lover’s list of must-attend events.  Corky Coker and Wade Kawasaki of Coker Tire Co. sound off about their recent efforts to preserve the car hobby. In conjunction with The Petersen Automotive Museum, SEMA has donated $1-million towards digitizing millions of archived photos. Their combined efforts come with the hope that future generations will have easily accessible, historical documentation of a vast array of cars.

[00:29:10] Karl Brauer Arrives in Honda Private Jet

As if owning a Ford GT wasn’t enough, this lucky guy flies first class! Karl Brauer, Executive Editor of Kelley Blue Book, dishes about his flight to Monterey Car Week that just so happened to be in the new, Honda designed privet jet. Its power got them smoothly above the clouds in a blink of an eye, and the comfort couldn’t be beaten. Two jet engines near the back made for a surprisingly quiet flight. This plane has captured the hearts of all who have purchased it so far.  Can you afford to take a private ride to the skies?

[00:35:53] Astounding History on the Lawn of Pebble Beach

The history surrounding vehicles on display is one of the best parts about Monterey Car Week. The Pebble Beach green is where these classics are shown off by their owners. You can see cars that were built by hand with their rudimentary tools displayed beside them. Some of the manufacturers even have a full display of their previous models for onlookers to gawk at. This sight is an auto enthusiasts dream. Explore more.

[00:42:16] Craig Jackson: Oracle of the Automotive Hobby

Automotive trends are hard to keep up with. Just when you think you know which direction the industry going, BAM! It takes a sharp left turn. Craig Jackson, CEO of Barrett-Jackson Auction Company, shares about his history with his life-long love of cars. Barry Meguiar, President of Meguiar’s, coins Craig the “automotive oracle” because he seems to know when the trends are shifting. Craig tells us where the industry is headed right now. Can you guess?

[00:47:50] Collecting the Cars We Grew Up With

Do you remember your first car? Some of us have very fond memories of that first taste of four wheeled freedom. We catch up with Craig Jackson, CEO of Barrett-Jackson, and Ed Justice, Jr., President of Justice Brothers, Inc. about the cars that are on the rise in the collector world. Generation ‘X’ is starting to long for the nostalgic cars of their youth, and they are beginning to pay top dollar for them. Hobbyists and OEMs alike are noticing this trend and are even manufacturing cars that are reminiscent of past years. How much would you pay for a like-new version of your first car?

[00:54:47] Automotive Art at its Finest and Priciest

Automotive artwork ranging anywhere from $100 to $30,000 is a common sight at Monterey Car Week. We talk with Ken Eberts, Director of the Automotive Fine Arts Society, about how he got into the business. This year Lincoln presented the Automotive Fine Arts Society display which showcased amazing automotive artists from around the world.  Dan Sandberg, President of Brembo North America, jumps in to mention his impressive art collection, featuring top artists from Detroit. Ken and Dan’s passion for cars is more than just canvas deep, and they appreciate all cars, old or new. Speaking of new vehicles, Ken believes that the future is very bright for car design. What do you think?

[01:02:08] Acura NSX is Honda’s Halo Car

Many in the automotive industry have been chattering about the decline in sedan sales. We chat with Dave Marek, Acura Global Director of Honda R&D Americas, Inc., about his views on the demand for this particular car design, and he gives us a little ‘designer-view’ of the new Acura NSX. Then Dave talks about being a judge for Monterey Car Week,  he was a part of the judging for the Strother MacMinn Most Elegant Sports Car, and while he couldn’t disclose the winner, he did tell us that the decision was unanimous. Hear more now from this 30-year veteran of Honda design.

[01:09:30] Dennis Collins Talks Sales at Monterey Car Week

Last week, we theorized with Dennis Collins, Owner of Collins Bros Jeep, about what he believed he would get for his prized rides at Monterey Car Week. Well, they’re sold now and we want to know if their guesses were right. He brought his Dual Ghia, Jaguar Tour, and Lamborghini Super Trofeo down to this classy event, and discovered that the buying trends were a little strange this year. Find out what they went for. We also get to hear the excitement from Chris ‘Big Chris’ Smith, Owner of East Coast Muscle Cars who is attending the eventful week for the first time. He now knows why this is the panicle of collector car shows.

[01:18:11] 2022 Volkswagen to Release Pure Electric ID Bus

There is a time and a place for all cars in the collector market, and the trends are constantly in flux. The world is shifting over to a utilitarian, efficient mindset and auto designers are running with it. We talk with Pietro Zollino, Chief Communications Officer for Volkswagen Group of America, and he excites us about their company’s newest venture. The ID Bus is a pure electric microbus that was designed after the 50s and 60s model of the nostalgic 21 window VW Samba Bus. Dan Sandberg, President and CEO of Brembo North America, was lucky enough to see a prototype and hopes that VW sets production in motion quickly. Soon you’ll able to cruise around electrically in nostalgia. Hear details now.

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