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How can you prepare for the era of mobility? Automotive journalist BJ Killeen shares tips on what to do when you break down in a heavily trafficked area. She also discusses the Mercedes-Benz X-Class concept truck which is not exactly what you would expect. Veering down a different path, Chris Sheldrick, CEO of What3Words, sounds off about their revolutionary new navigation system that has covered the entire world. Next, TravelPulse Founder, Mark Murphy, discusses traveling after a natural disaster and gives advice on the best way to plan your trip. Switching gears, Chris Duke, Host of Motorz, reviews the 2018 Chevrolet Equinox, and talks with us about Apple’s newest release, the iPhone X. We then explore Haynes automotive manuals with their Vice President, Mike Forsythe. We end the hour with Autotrader’s Michelle Krebs who discusses post-hurricane vehicle values and sales increase. Listen now.

  • [00:00:00] Thoughts Go Out to Hurricane Victims
  • [00:06:11] Broke Down on a Busy Highway
  • [00:12:26] Mercedes-Benz X-Class Concept Truck
  • [00:19:48] What3Words Navigates the Entire World
  • [00:28:19] Media Can Ruin a Beautiful Travel Destination
  • [00:35:53] Vacation with Assurance Through a Travel Agent
  • [00:42:13] Infiniti QX30 is a Premium Cross-Over
  • [00:49:06] 2018 Chevrolet Equinox Review
  • [00:54:45] Apple iPhone X Has Been Announced
  • [01:02:07] Give the Gift of Automotive Knowledge
  • [01:11:11] Know the Value of Used Vehicles Before You Buy
  • [01:18:01] Jeep is For Sale but to Whom?

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[00:00:00] Thoughts Go Out to Hurricane Victims

We send love and respect to all those affected by hurricane season. Alan tells us that Richard Branson even decided to weather the storm, and when he emerged from his safe-hold, entire buildings and cars were destroyed. We theorize with automotive journalist BJ Killeen about what happens to cars after natural disasters. People have been known to restore classic vehicles found at the bottom of lakes to all their former glory. Discover hidden automotive flood treasures.

[00:06:11] Broke Down on a Busy Highway

No one likes breaking down, especially on the side of a very busy highway. Automotive journalist BJ Killeen gives us some insight on what you should do if this happens. Many have the urge to automatically jump out of their car, but BJ warns that this is not the answer. It can be extremely dangerous when cars are whizzing by you at breakneck speeds, your car will protect you from a wondering driver. Stay in your car and keep your seatbelt on. There are many options, such as calling AAA or 9-1-1, and one of these things should be done immediately. Hear more tips from BJ about what to do when you are stranded.

[00:12:26] Mercedes-Benz X-Class Concept Truck

Mercedes-Benz’s most recent stab at a truck was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show. BJ Killeen talks with us about the Mercedes X-Class Concept, equipped with a manual transmission. The concept resembles a Nissan and appears to be commercial as opposed to an upscale vehicle. It has four doors, a very short bed, and is rumored to be in collaboration with Nissan. Is there room in the market for this little truck?

[00:19:48] What3Words Navigates the Entire World

Memorizing addresses or landmarks can get overwhelming. Most of us are equipped with navigation systems on our phones or in our cars, entering an address in can still be confusing. Chris Sheldrick, CEO of What3Words, is here to tell us about their revolutionary new navigation system. They have mapped out the entire world in 10 x 10ft sections with each having a very specific three-word name. With the help of a dictionary, What3Words has created 57 trillion, one-of-a-kind names. Are you curious about the name of your exact location?

[00:28:19] Media Can Ruin a Beautiful Travel Destination

Has your dream destination been hit by a natural disaster? The damage may be severe but that doesn’t mean that these locations should be excluded from your traveling wish list. TravelPulse Founder, Mark Murphy, explains that the media’s view of any area following a significant event can be skewed; discounting the centuries of beautiful experiences and epic views. It is important to do your homework, preferably through a travel agent, before you postpone traveling. Hear tips on how to find an unbiased view of your future vacation spot.

[00:35:53] Vacation with Assurance Through a Travel Agent

Language barriers, cultural appropriations, and unfamiliar illnesses – these are all things that can discourage travelers from experiencing different countries. Mark Murphy, Founder of TravelPulse, explains why going through a travel agent is the best choice. During times of natural disaster, health crises, or national upheaval, a travel agent will know which places have been vetted for safety. Purchasing travel insurance can give you even more security. Rest easy, there are many places that operate with the same safety standards as the US. Listen for more traveling tips.

[00:42:13] Infiniti QX30 is a Premium Cross-Over

Cross-overs are all the rage these days because vehicle owners want versatility. Alan, discusses the sweeping roofline and a sinister looking high beltline of the 2017 Infiniti QX30 with Host of Motorz, Chris Duke. Powered by a 2L 4 cylinder turbocharged engine, it pushes 408-HP and 285 lb-ft of torque. The QX30 is filled with top-of-the-line safety features such as blind spot warning and intelligent cruise control. This machine is the perfect everyday driver with a sporty finish, three drive modes, and paddle shifters. Hear drive impressions now.

[00:49:06] 2018 Chevrolet Equinox Review

Are you searching for the perfect family ride? Host of Motorz, Chris Duke, reviews the stylish 2018 Chevrolet Equinox. As driven, this model came in at $34K which included a lot of bells and whistles. While its design was very impressive to Chris, it was the tech that had him gushing. It had intuitive Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Wi-Fi hotspot, and even haptic feedback in the seat cushions that would alert you if anything was in your blind spots. There was a 360 camera that would catch everything around you, even if it was low to the ground. The Equinox houses a 1.5L V6 and comfortably sat up to seven passengers. Discover more about this fabulous SUV now.

[00:54:45] Apple iPhone X Has Been Announced

Say goodbye to your Apple home button! The iPhone X has been announced and instead of using your fingerprint to get in, it will actually use a face scan. Don’t worry about makeup or facial hair inhibiting your ability to open the phone, Chris Duke, Host of Motorz, shares that it can actually detect changes in your face over time. The X also integrates easily into your vehicle and has a built-in ‘do not disturb’ function that will keep your phone screen black if you get a text or call while driving. Equipped with the newest software, iOS 11, the X comes in at $999 and you can bet you’re getting your money’s worth. Explore Apple’s latest creation now.

[01:02:07] Give the Gift of Automotive Knowledge

DIY car projects are becoming increasingly popular due to an inflation in labor costs. We chat with Hayne’s Vice President, Mike Forsythe, about how Haynes Repair Manuals can help you fix your car right the first time. Haynes has manuals detailing individual projects or the entire vehicle available online, so you can download them directly to your phone or tablet. Also available are over 1,000 step-by-step video guides for your project, which can be used on demand. They even make an excellent gift for the car lover in your family. Need to repair your sweet ride? Hear why you need a Haynes manual now.

[01:11:11] Know the Value of Used Vehicles Before You Buy

Buying a used car can be stressful and it’s important to know the value before you throw your money down. Autotrader’s Senior Analyst, Michelle Krebs, shares some information about purchasing a used vehicle, and the Manheim Used Vehicle Index. After major events, such as devastating hurricanes, vehicle values will drastically shift. An estimated 1 million vehicles were totaled during the recent hurricane season, and it is important to realize that there are now many shoppers, trying to replace what they lost. Michelle also covers a little bit about the Frankfurt Motor Show and why it isn’t really relevant to the U.S. market.

[01:18:01] Jeep is For Sale but to Whom?

Many of us have heard the rumors that Jeep is up for grabs and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ CEO, Sergio Marchionne, will be soon retiring. Michelle Krebs, Senior Analyst for Autotrader, tells us that Sergio is passionate about getting the company in order before he leaves in 2018. Michelle and Alan theorize a possible future for FCA, and find it hard to believe that they will split the company up. They also discuss big tech companies (such as Apple and Google) involvement in the automotive industry.  Would your heart be broken if Jeep was sold?

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