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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – they don’t really make a bad car nowadays. Technology has changed the way we look at our cars, and manufacturers are stepping up to the plate. We begin the hour chatting with Karl Brauer, Executive Publisher for Kelley Blue Book, who gushes over his test drive of the Lexus LC 500, describes the North American Car of the Year judging, and raves about the beautifully redesigned Toyota Camry. Then, we hit the track with Ed Justice, Jr., President and CEO of Justice Brothers, Inc., who updates us on the IMSA races, shares his opinion on Formula E racing, and voices his thoughts on the future of mobility. Next, Alan gives us an overview on what we can look forward to at the Las Vegas Barrett-Jackson, which will include a slew of charity cars. After that, automotive journalist BJ Killeen fills us in on the Hyundai Shopper Assurance program, and gives us an inside look at being an automotive journalist. Then, we discuss modern vehicle technology and the ease (or difficulty) of infotainment interfaces with Kristin Kolodge, Executive Director of Driver Interaction and Human Machine Interface for J.D. Power. Last but certainly not least, Dennis Collins, Owner of Collins Bros. Jeep, describes an exciting collection of British Sports Cars he recently discovered in an abandoned barn, and the trucks he will be auctioning off at Barrett-Jackson in Las Vegas this week. Stay ahead of the curve. Listen now.

  • [00:00:00] 2018 Lexus LC 500: An Escaped Concept
  • [00:05:58] Redesigned Toyota Camry Emits Emotion
  • [00:12:30] Cars that are Making a Splash this Year
  • [00:19:53] Big Things Changing in the Racing World
  • [00:29:18] Motor Vehicles Have Changed Our Lives
  • [00:35:57] Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas is Almost Here
  • [00:42:17] Hyundai Shopper Assurance for Quick Buys
  • [00:48:27] Streamline Your Purchase with Hyundai
  • [00:54:49] Tesla Has Trouble Delivering Model 3
  • [01:02:11] Vehicle Technology and Consumers
  • [01:10:59] Trucks for Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas
  • [01:18:13] Dennis Collins’ Exciting Rare Barn Find

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[00:00:00] Lexus LC 500: An Escaped Concept

Auto shows are known for insane concept cars that rarely see the production line; however, Lexus just released the street version of the 2018 Lexus LC 500 that has managed to maintain the magic of the original concept. Karl Brauer, Executive Publisher of Kelley Blue Book, shares his drive experience of this  car that oozes prestige, luxury, and quality. As an everyday driver, this car looks great and drives very well, but Karl got to test its sporty nature on the track. Its exotic look translates nicely into gorgeous performance, its V8 engine carries beautiful exhaust notes. Find out why Karl says, “If you bought one and just stuck it in your garage to look at and never got in it, you’d still feel like you made a great call buying it.”

[00:05:58] Redesigned Toyota Camry Emits Emotion

The automotive industry is jam-packed full of cars that are just figuratively meat and potatoes; straight to the point, no frills. Kelley Blue Book’s Executive Publisher, Karl Brauer, tells us that the 2018 Toyota Camry is a perfect example of an emotional car. A few years ago, Toyota’s President, Akio Toyoda, made the statement, “No more boring cars!” This car company has stuck by their word and the redesign of their models clearly reflect Akio’s rally cry. The Camry comes with the typical, utilitarian trim package but has also introduced a sexy sport version with amped-up power. The Toyota Camry truly stepped up its style.

[00:12:30] Cars that are Making a Splash this Year

The independently funded North American Car of the Year award is chosen by a jury of 60 journalists from all over North America. The stipulation for the award is that each ride must be brand new or completely redesigned. Karl Brauer, Executive Publisher of Kelley Blue Book, divulges the cars that he’s got his eyes on, including the Kia Stinger, Lexus LC 500, Toyota Camry, and Alfa Romeo Giulia. The winner will be announced in January at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Do you have your vote ready?

[00:19:53] Big Things Changing in the Racing World

Autonomous cars are looming, and zero emissions electric-vehicles have already hit the roads. This occurrence has racing fans, such as Ed Justice, Jr. of Justice Brothers, Inc., worried about one of their favorite pasttimes. After an IMSA racing update, Ed shares his opinion of Formula E racing. ‘Mobility companies’ (formally known as OEMs), seem to be trending towards keeping the cars on the track relevant to cars on the streets. Ed believes this is a mistake; many enthusiasts are not ready to give up the sound of those loud engines on the track. Would you attend a silent car race?

[00:29:18] Motor Vehicles Have Changed Our Lives

We are living in a time of extremes and it seems that the motor vehicle has been under attack because of its effect on the environment. We talk with Ed Justice, Jr., President and CEO of Justice Brothers, Inc., about his appreciation for engine petrol rides. With some of the recent devastating events, ambulances, firetrucks, and pick-up trucks have been the stars of our safety crews. There is no telling what advancements will come, but we do owe our respect to the internal combustion engines that have been there for us when the power goes out. How will all-electric vehicles fair in the event of a national disaster?

[00:35:57] Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas is Almost Here

On October 19-21, 2017 Barrett-Jackson will take place at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Alan will be interviewing guests such as Karl Bruaer, Dennis Collins, and more on stage at the Second Screen Experience. Barrett-Jackson will have many charity cars, as well as on-site donations to benefit the victims of the recent Las Vegas shooting. Steve Davis will be auctioning off his personal 40th Anniversary Shelby Cobra Super Snake that will benefit the Injured Police Officers Fund. Explore Barrett-Jackson now.

[00:42:17] Hyundai Shopper Assurance for Quick Buys

Buying a new car can be a grueling process with all the paperwork, loan approval, and determining trade-in values. Automotive journalist, BJ Killeen, tells us that Hyundai is making this process incredibly simple for consumers with their Shopper Assurance program. This will allow buyers to take care of all the paperwork online before they even step into the dealership. BJ shares a couple elements that make this program something to look forward to, such as transparent pricing and a flexible test drive. Hyundai is hard at work making sure that the consumer leaves happy. Fall in love with Hyundai now.

[00:48:27] Streamline Your Purchase with Hyundai

With information at their fingertips, shoppers have become internet search experts, and making it difficult for shady dealers to pull one over on them. Automotive journalist, BJ Killeen, discusses the Hyundai Shopper Assurance program, and outlines what it means for consumers. They have created this process to streamline the purchase of a new car. Hyundai bolsters peace of mind with transparent pricing, flexible test drives, and even a three day money back guarantee. Discover how to shop easily with Hyundai.

[00:54:49] Telsla Has Trouble Delivering Model 3

Elon Musk has recently taken his efforts to Puerto Rico to help them straighten out their electrical issues after the devastating hurricane that destroyed their cities. Automotive journalist BJ Killeen speculates that this may be a smoke screen to Tesla’s production delays. The Model 3 and Tesla Semi, which is a heavy duty all-electric truck program, productions have both been halted. Whatever the reason, it means that those who pre-ordered will continue to wait. Listen for more information now.

[01:02:11] Vehicle Technology and Consumers

Our cars can do everything under the sun, and it’s time to figure out just what that means. Kristin Kolodge of J.D. Power tells us that a recent survey gave some insight on the level of technology in new rides. One would think that the better the car, the better the tech interface, but this study proves this to be an inaccurate presumption. It turns out that consumers don’t really notice a difference between the interfaces on luxury as opposed to run-of-the-mill cars. Ease, frequency, and satisfaction of use are determined by the driver; what works for one person may confuse someone else. This is making it increasingly difficult for OEMs to know what to shoot for. How do you feel about the tech in your vehicle?

[01:10:59] Trucks for Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas

Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas is here and Dennis Collins, Owner of Collins Bros. Jeep, gives us a sneak peak of the trucks he will be auctioning off. Trucks are workhorses; so this has made it incredibly difficult for Dennis to track down pick-ups with low-miles, in mint condition. This year he is showing up with a 1977 and 1978 Ford F-350 Camper Special, and the original 1989 Ford Promotional Bronco, all of which are very rare. There are no reserves on these rides and they will go to the highest bidder. What else does Dennis have up his sleeve?

[01:18:13] Dennis Collins’ Exciting Rare Barn Find

Dennis Collins, Owner of Collins Bros. Jeep, is extremely passionate about the ‘barn hunt’ and he recently uncovered 22 British sports cars. They were hidden in a barn in the middle-of-nowhere, Wisconsin that hadn’t been opened since 1973. Among the 22 he found a few Jaguar XK120 Fix Head Coupes and an MG Twin Cam MGA Roadster that was last driven in 1971. Are you ready for car hunting season?

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