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The Las Vegas Convention Center was bustling with automotive enthusiasts for the 2017 SEMA Show. We got the chance to catch up with some of the car celebrities from Discovery and Velocity LIVE at the Craftsman Garage. Fast N’ Loud’’s Richard Rawlings and Dennis Collins swung by to let us know what wild and crazy things they are up to. Then, we chat with Mike Finnegan of Roadkill who details how the show got started. Shifting gears, we talk with the Diesel Brothers and hear about their roles within the shop and a little about family life. Rich Christensen, former host of Pinks, tells us about some of the new projects he is working on. After that, professional hot rod builder Bodie Stroud jumps on the mic to share about BS Industries (BSI), Bleu Stroud’s singing career, and rides he’s working on for a few celebrities. Up next, the crew from Iron Resurrection and Martin Bros. Customs lists off the sweet rigs they are bringing to life. We end the hour with laughs from the guys of Wheeler Dealers, Mike Brewer and Ant Anstead, and even get a surprise visit from Bill Goldberg. Listen in for more from the Craftsman Garage.

  • [00:00:00] Jeeps, Gas Monkey Garage, & Garage Rehab
  • [00:09:49] Learn from Richard Rawlings and Dennis Collins
  • [00:12:31] Roadkill Now on Discovery with More Episodes
  • [00:19:54] Diesel Brothers: Real Builds in Real Time
  • [00:28:11] Rich Christensen Searches for Fastest Human
  • [00:35:56] Torture Test Brings New Meaning to Hot Lapping
  • [00:42:16] Bodie Stroud in the Craftsman Garage
  • [00:48:07] Tools of the Trade for Future Generations
  • [00:54:47] Iron Resurrection Brings a Lifetime of Passion
  • [01:02:10] New Co-Host for Wheeler Dealers
  • [01:10:47] Cars from All Over the World for Wheeler Dealers
  • [01:18:12] Making Wheeler Dealers Feel As It Always Has

Discover more about segments and guests below…

[00:00:00] Jeeps, Gas Monkey Garage, & Garage Rehab

Richard Rawlings and Dennis Collins of Fast N’ Loud are the epitome of ‘crazy car guys’. We got the chance to catch up with these boys live in the Craftsman Garage at SEMA 2017. Richard talks with us about Gas Monkey Garage, Gas Monkey Grill and Garage Rehab. Then, due to Richard’s insane schedule, he explains what he has Dennis Collins on the hunt for. This dynamic duo is hopping all over the place to find rare rides, thrilling events, and gearheads that may need a hand. Dennis even keeps it old school by having a newspaper ad, “WANTED: Dead or Alive”, aid him in finding classic cars. Tune in for more excitement.

[00:09:49] Learn from Richard Rawlings and Dennis Collins

Jeeps are one of the most modified vehicles out there, with many parts that can be changed or rearranged. Richard Rawlings, Dennis Collins, and ‘Big Chris’, have started a program called Be Your Own Boss, which will assist those interested in starting a shop to up-fit Jeeps. They will help train people to set up their garage, get together a product line, and teach their techs how to build these modified 4x4s. Jeeps will never go out of style. Learn how you can achieve owning and operating your own Jeep shop.

[00:12:31] Roadkill Now on Discovery with More Episodes

From YouTube sensation, to the Discovery Channel, Mike Finnegan, star of Roadkill, updates us on this off-the-rails show. When it began, it was just two guys taking road trips in really awful cars to places they probably shouldn’t have gone. Zip ties, duct tape, and mechanic’s wire are usually the only tools they bring along on their crazy adventures. Now that the show will be on Discovery, there will be twice as many episodes as there were in the past, and fans can look forward to some wild times ahead. The crew’s passion for cars and their need for a thrilling ride keeps this show authentic and will have you cracking up at their antics.

[00:19:54] Diesel Brothers: Real Builds in Real Time

When you’re watching a build, you want to see the real down and dirty aspects of it, whether it be a success or fail. The Diesel Brothers is a show that tells you how it is, even if it takes a year to finish a build. We talk with “Diesel Dave”, “Heavy D”, “The Muscle” and “Red Beard”, the stars of the show, about what goes on behind the scenes. All these family men discuss their roles in the shop, each one being a key player in the process of a truck restoration. The passion of former YouTube sensations caught the eye of many fans as well as the Discovery Channel, and now you can watch their love affair with diesel on your TV. Hear more about the Diesel Brothers now.

[00:28:11] Rich Christensen Searches for Fastest Human

When you love cars there’s a pretty good chance that you also like going really fast. Well, Rich Christensen, former host of Pinks, tells us about his new search for the fastest human on earth. Right now, Usain Bolt is the fastest, clocking in a 27.8 MPH on foot. Rich has made it his mission to find the first 30-MPH human and he is petitioning anyone to come test their speed. The concept involves passing your body though a ten meter speed trap that will convert it into miles per hour. If he could crack that human code, the possibilities are endless! How fast are you?

[00:35:56] Torture Test Brings New Meaning to Hot Lapping

Rich Christensen, former Host of Pinks, tells us about the innovative new series he has been developing with Pennzoil, Torture Test. This show will focus on hot lapping where the drivers keep going until someone quits, crashes, or breaks. After each lap the cars shut off their engines for five seconds, keeping viewers in suspense. It may still be a while until this show hits the screen, but we will be sure to let you know as soon as it does.

[00:42:16] Bodie Stroud in the Craftsman Garage

SEMA brings some of the best builders in the industry and this year was no different. Professional hot rod builder, Bodie Stroud, joined us on stage at the Craftsman Garage. He talks about his company, Bodie Stroud Industries (BSI), where he is building his own chassis and suspension. This family man has taken some time out of the limelight to help his daughter, Bleu Stroud, achieve her dreams of becoming a recording artist. He is also working hard on builds for celebrities such as Tim Allen and Adam Corolla. Discover more about this humble builder now.

[00:48:07] Tools of the Trade for Future Generations

Talent runs in the family and professional hot rod builder, Bodie Stroud, tells us where he believes he got his skills from. Many in his family told him that it was possibly from his uncle, Ed Wood, who was a famous racecar driver, but Bodie thinks it may have been even further back than that. A perfect story for the Craftsman Garage, Bodie tells us that he still has his grandmother’s Craftsman tools. No matter where his talent comes from, we know those who’ve had a build done by him rave about his skills. Bodie has been shifting gears a bit to focus on fewer, bigger builds, and is trying to concentrate on his passion, suspension. Right now he is working on a ’34 Crown Victoria for Tim Allen, and the two have even been discussing doing an electric car. ‘The Tool Man’ in an electric car? No way!

[00:54:47] Iron Resurrection Brings a Lifetime of Passion

When we are watching a car show, it is easy to forget that these stars have life outside of the screen. Joe Martin, Amanda Martin, and Jayson ‘Shag’ Arrington tell us what it’s like to be a part of a TV show. Their show Iron Resurrection, based out of their shop Martin Bros. Customs, takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and long hours. Well into Season Two, Joe tells us that this show came along because of his lifetime passion for working on cars. Amanda gives us a look at the sweet rides they are modifying on this season, and Shag shares what he does behind the scenes. Discover more about the Iron Resurrection team.

[01:02:10] New Co-Host for Wheeler Dealers

After 13 years, Edd China of Wheeler Dealers decided to move on to pursue a different dream. This left co-host, Mike Brewer, on the hunt for a new partner in crime and it turns out, he had someone in mind. Bespoke auto builder, Ant Anstead, had caught Mike’s interest about five years prior and from that moment on he just knew he would be working with him. The show, just a few episodes in, is on its way to bigger and better! Ant’s rich background in automotive knowledge and the cheeky chemistry between the two hosts is a perfect addition to this already very popular show. The two plan to maintain the classic feel of the show by keeping it authentic, and holding steadfast to the original concept of educating viewers on automotive building. Wheeler Dealers has always been about the car, and nothing has changed.

[01:10:47] Cars from All Over the World for Wheeler Dealers

It must be incredibly difficult to pick which cars you want to work on for television. There are so many amazing cars out there and host of Wheeler Dealers, Mike Brewer, wishes that he had time for all of them (well, maybe discounting a PT Cruiser). The show started out with very cheap cars, but as the classic car market goes up, so does the price. The guys are working hard to get the most value out of their builds and a recent sale at Barrett-Jackson proves they are making it happen. What car would you like to see on the show?

[01:18:12] Making Wheeler Dealers Feel As It Always Has

Wheeler Dealers has always had a classic English feel, and through the comical belligerence of host, Mike Brewer, he intends to keep it that way. Nine foregin cars and seven American cars will be keeping Mike and co-host Ant Anstead busy in the shop this season. The two find it very important to make the show about the viewers and the cars, so they are taking advice from their fans. They are also working on two charity cars separately – Mike is working on an Ford Escort XR31 Convertible and Ant, a 1958 Alfa Romeo. Bill Goldberg also jumps on stage as a surprise guest and tells us what he is up to for SEMA this year. Too much fun! Listen now.

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