THE DRIVE with Alan Taylor | Episode #311

More interviews from the Shell Pioneering Performance “Live on Stage” Experience are here, and our special guests catch us up to speed. We begin the show with Dan Sandberg, President of Brembo North America, and Matt Edmonds, Chief Marketing Officer of Tire Rack, who chat with us about the evolution of online tire orders, and aftermarket manufacturers’ dedication to the constant improvement of their products. Next up, Kevin Tully and Chad Hill of Hot Rod Chassis & Cycle tell us about their newest project at SEMA. Then, with a possible new show called Torture Test on the horizon, Rich Christensen tells us what we can look forward to from him. We then discuss the importance of being an authentic car guy with Rich and Dennis Pittsenbarger. Switching lanes, Bob Attrell of Quaker State and Hyundai Motorsports sounds off about the success of their racing team, and brand loyalty in Canada. After that, we talk Mustangs with Gary Patterson of Shelby American, and Jim Marietta of The Original Venice Crew. Last, we hear from David Borla of Borla Performance, Bodie Stroud of Bodie Stroud Industries, Dan Sandberg, and John Waraniak of SEMA about how technology is taking a bigger role in the automotive industry. The future of aftermarket has evolved. Learn more now.

  • [00:00:00] Quality Tires Shipped to Your Door
  • [00:07:37] Aftermarket and OEM Industries Blur
  • [00:12:31] Beautiful Machines Via Hot Rod Chassis & Cycle
  • [00:19:53] Will Torture Test Catch Your Attention?
  • [00:30:22] Keeping the Automotive Industry Authentic
  • [00:35:55] Technology Has Enabled Amazing Cars
  • [00:42:15] The Original Venice Crew Comeback
  • [00:48:03] Carroll Shelby’s Passion Lives On
  • [00:54:46] Shelby’s Favorite Car: The Next One
  • [01:02:09] Automotive Aftermarket Personalization
  • [01:08:01] Borla Exhausts, Pipe Organs, and Brembo Brakes

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[00:00:00] Quality Tires Shipped to Your Door

Tires are important. It’s quite possible that you have spent hours waiting at your local brick and mortar tire shop. There is a better way, and Matt Edmonds of Tire Rack tells us how their company has evolved since the online shopping revolution. Tire Rack has made it really simple to find the perfect tires for your ride at an affordable price; just order on and they will show up in a few days. Also, when it comes to quality tires, you’ll great brakes to slow them down. Dan Sandberg of Brembo North America talks to us about upsizing your brakes when you upsize your tires. Learn more now.

[00:07:37] Aftermarket and OEM Industries Blur

We know that technology is changing the horizon of the automotive industry every moment. This evolution is beginning to blur the lines between OEMs and aftermarket creators. We discuss these merging automotive arenas with Dan Sandberg of Brembo North America and Matt Edmonds of Tire Rack. In many cases, aftermarket changes such as brakes and tires are much better than the original stock options. OEMs select products and accessories for mass market appeal, but aftermarket options give consumers the opportunity to use the perfect part to match their driving preferences. Discover why aftermarket parts are finding their way into the hearts of driving enthusiasts and OEMs all over.

[00:12:31] Beautiful Machines Via Hot Rod Chassis & Cycle

You know you’ve made it as a builder when your car is on display in the Stewart-Warner booth at the SEMA Show. Kevin Tully and Chad Hill of Hot Rod Chassis & Cycle tell us about the ’67 Chevrolet Chevelle they have entered in Optima’s Search for the Ultimate Street Car. They gave this ride a vintage feel with 18” champagne wheels, a full body racing stripe, and the debut of their rear integrated spoiler deck. This team continues to create beautiful machines and soon they will be building their most technically advanced ride to date. Hot Rod Chassis & Cycle also announces they have a secret stealth project happening that will be announced soon. Find out what else they put into their ’67 Chevelle now.

[00:19:53] Will Torture Test Catch Your Attention?

The TV show Pinks proved that Rich Christensen was a brilliant creator with ideas like no other. Alongside Pennzoil, he is at it again and debuted the teaser for his new show at SEMA 2017. Torture Test is a show designed around hot lapping and it doesn’t end until someone quits, crashes, or breaks. Rich wanted to find a concept that would test the endurance of a vehicle alongside another. Technology continues to advance and Rich believes that his show will push the automotive industry to make even larger strides. Explore why Torture Test may take cars to places they’ve never been.

[00:30:22] Keeping the Automotive Industry Authentic

It’s easy to lose sight of your true passion for cars when you rise to the top quickly in the auto enthusiast world. We chat with Rich Christensen and Dennis Pittsenbarger about posing the hard questions that keep these gearheads authentic. It doesn’t matter what level of car lover you are, everyone comes together to form the collective soul of the hobby. Creating an automotive reality show is no easy task, Rich even has his life threatened. Bringing your passion to the forefront for critics to analyze can be a scary, disheartening thing, but if you believe in what you are doing then it will just make you stronger. Take a look behind the scenes of a car television show.

[00:35:55] Technology Has Enabled Amazing Cars

When it comes to history in the car industry, Bob Attrell of Quaker State knows his way around. He and his family have been in the dealership business for over 43. Thanks to tech, OEMs are coming up with innovative ideas at a much faster pace; Hyundai has a three year model building plan to improve turnaround time. Bob, and Dan Sandberg of Brembo North America, believe that some of the advances have been withheld because the general public is just not ready. Switching gears, Bob also tells us of his involvement with Hyundai Motorsports team, and the success their team has had this year. Are you ready for the newest advancements to your ride?

[00:42:15] The Original Venice Crew Comeback

Jim Marietta, Ted Sutton, and Peter Brock, The Original Venice Crew, built the very first Mustang GT350 competition edition, 50 years ago. Jim shares that about two years ago, the crew got together and decided that it was time to give it another shot. Known as 002 “The Famous Flying Mustang” was first built in 1964-1965. The team decided to rebuild it just as they had done before with handcut aluminum, hand welded components, and aluminum frames. Jim also decided to get the vehicles licensed by Ford and Shelby. How much would you pay for one of 36 iconic Mustangs by The Original Venice Crew’?

[00:48:03] Carroll Shelby’s Passion Lives On

Carroll Shebly had that certain enthusiasm that translated into the beautiful design of his cars; that spark trickled through the entire company. When he passed in 2012 some wondered what would happen to the iconic brand. It turns out that his passion was live on in his son Aaron Shelby and President of Shelby North American, Gary Patterson. Jim Marietta of The Original Venice Crew (OVC) and Gary chat about the company that is so near and dear to their hearts. Jim shares about the 36 OVC Mustangs they will be building, and tells us that these will be the last Mustangs touched by these original designers. Learn more about the final OVC Mustangs.

[00:54:46] Shelby’s Favorite Car: The Next One

Every year during SEMA, Shelby throws a party at their facility in Las Vegas celebrating their ever evolving brand. Gary Patterson, President of Shelby North American, tells us about the sweet pony they brought to the event. The company decided to take the 2018 body of a Mustang, widen it and throw on a 4.5L Whipple Supercharger that makes over 1000-HP. Next, they fired that bad boy up, with its open headers, inside the building; Jim Marietta of The Original Venice Crew tells us that it almost blew his ears. In addition to adding insane horsepower, Gary explains how they made the structure stronger. Explore how they made this Mustang even more of a beast than before.

[01:02:09] Automotive Aftermarket Personalization

Our automobiles are often a reflection of our personal style. We discuss the transformation of the automotive aftermarket industry with some of the greats from this arena. Bodie Stroud of Bodie Stroud Industries, David Borla of Borla Performance Industries, and Dan Sandberg of Brembo North America tell us about the synergistic nature of their companies. Up-fitting our rides can be about performance but it can also be about looks depending on the consumer. Companies such as Brembo and Borla make quality products and they also go out of their way to make them look stunning as well – after all it is the “jewelry of the car”. Join in for more on blending automotive performance with style.

[01:08:01] Borla Exhausts, Pipe Organs, and Brembo Brakes

Aftermarket companies are working hard to innovate their products so they catch the eyes and ears of consumers. David Borla of Borla Performance excitedly sounds off about their new exhaust tuning formulas that were derived from ancient pipe organs. Then, Dan Sandberg of Brembo North America talks with us about the future of electric brakes. Bodie Stroud of Bodie Stroud Industries explains that he is excited for the future of automobiles, and innovation is one of the things that gets his creative juices flowing. SEMA’s Vice President of Vehicle Technology, John Waraniak, voices that in the future we are going to build cars faster, smarter, and cooler. What does the automotive future hold?

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