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The Craftsman Garage was such a blast at the 2017 SEMA Show, and we just can’t get enough of these great interviews. We begin the hour with Dave Kindig, Host of Bitchin’ Rides, and Steve Mank, Owner of Conestogo Motors. They fill us in on their Craftsman tool stories and share their involvement in this year’s SEMA Show. Next, we chat with Casey Currie of Currie Racing, about King of the Hammers and the Currie Enterprises booth at the show. Up next, Chris Duke of Motorz TV chats with us about his search for the perfect new project car for the upcoming season of Motorz. Changing gears, we talk with Chris Stephens of Garage Rehab and Stacey David of Stacey David’s GearZ, who share stories about their shows and the car part hoarding mentality that gearheads can have. Then we chat with Teppy Wigington and Spike Magnuson of Line-X who tell us about their latest, thinner spray lining made for lining the entire body of your car. Last up, Matt Thomas of eBay Motors discusses a ’67 Mustang Fastback they built with Rutledge Wood that they auctioned off to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund. This show is packed full of celebrity car guys that are just waiting to share their excitement over SEMA and the future. Join us now.

  • [00:00:00] Dave Kindig’s Dangerous Craftsman Tool Grab
  • [00:05:10] Kindig-It Designs Rides at 2017 SEMA Show
  • [00:12:30] Currie Racing and King of the Hammers
  • [00:19:53] Searching for the Perfect Project Vehicle
  • [00:24:33] Garage Rehab Helps Car Part Hoarders
  • [00:35:56] Line-X is Not Just a Bedliner Anymore
  • [00:42:16] eBay Motors Makes Buying Parts Easy

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[00:00:00] Dave Kindig’s Dangerous Craftsman Tool Grab

We hit the Craftsman stage with Dave Kindig, Host of Bitchin’ Rides, and Steve Mank, Owner of Conestogo Motors. Dave tells about a time when he ran out into traffic to grab a Craftsman tool he had seen shimmering in the road. While this wasn’t the safest choice, he was able to return it to Sears for a brand new one, which helped when he was just getting his shop going. After 90 years, the Craftsman brand has represented the work-a-day Joe and they have some big news to look forward to in 2018. Dave also shares a little bit about the latest season of Bitchin’ Rides which is equipped with 16 episodes of automotive design magic. Do you have a Craftsman story?

[00:05:10] Kindig-It Designs Rides at SEMA

Dave Kindig, Host of Bitchin’ Rides, tells us bout the seven vehicles including two Camaros, a ’57 Ford Fairlane and their 18 wheeler that they brought to SEMA this year. He also released a custom automotive paint line called Modern Classikk by Kindig in collaboration with AkzoNobel. Steve Mank of Conestogo Motors jumps in to share his appreciation for the Kindig It Design team’s work. Bitchin’ Rides shows the work of true craftsmen without the drama of a reality television show to accompany it. Dave and Steve also each share a little-known fact about themselves. Get the inside scoop now!

[00:12:30] Currie Racing and King of the Hammers

When it comes to off-road racing, Casey Currie of Currie Racing, knows how to get a little wild. King of the Hammers is one of the craziest off-roading competitions out there and the Currie Racing team has finished 2nd two years in a row. The race, in Johnson Valley, CA, is one of the hardest off-road races in the world. In this race they go from climbing rocks one minute to flying through the air at 100-mph the next. Casey tells us that they take Jeep Wranglers, strip them down and upfit them with everything you could possibly want for off-roading including Currie suspension, Currie axles, bumpers, lights, wenches and even up to 42” tires. Currie Enterprises was started over 70 years ago and their passion reflects strongly in their builds. Find out more about King of the Hammers now.

[00:19:53] Searching for the Perfect Project Vehicle

Chris Duke, Host of Motorz TV, shares that he has been at the 2017 SEMA Show cruising around looking for great ideas. His show is made for the enthusiast, is about seeing what you can put together in your own garage with no big lifts or extremely expensive equipment; so he is excited to see what aftermarket buyers are looking for. He plans to base his upcoming season on something new, like a hot rod or classic car. Chris also gives a shout out to his favorite tools because everything he does is done with Craftsman. Learn more about Motorz TV now.

[00:24:33] Garage Rehab Helps Car Part Hoarders

If you’re a true car guy with your own garage, then you probably have a stockpile of parts that you may need “someday”. The show Garage Rehab is hitting garages all over America that have taken saving car parts a bit too far. Star of the show, Chris Stephens, gives us insight on what goes into making an episode of Garage Rehab. The crew goes in and helps the owner by selling some of their junk and getting their business back on track. We also chat with Stacey David of GearZ about what he’s been up to on television for the last 20 years. These car guys have the experience of running garages and are not just actors on TV. Tune your skills with these handymen now.

[00:35:56] Line-X is Not Just a Bedliner Anymore

For years, truck owners have loved their extra tough bedliners that can stand up to some serious abuse. We discuss Line-X’s newest product with V.P. of Strategic Initiatives, Spike Magnuson, and Director of Marketing, Teppy Wigington. Line-X Ultra is thinner than their regular bedliners, with a thickness of 5-20 millimeters as opposed to 80-100 millimeters. At SEMA, they have a 2017 Raptor and a Polaris Dagger, completely redesigned by Kenny Pfitzer. This company has been around for almost 25 years and they just continue to get better. Do you have an off-road ride that needs a tough exterior?

[01:18:10] eBay Motors Makes Buying Parts Easy

Are you on the hunt for the perfect part? Well, eBay Motors is the number one online automotive marketplace. eBay Motors makes  it easy  to buy, sell, or maintain your vehicle and they even offer a plethora of parts. Matt Thomas of eBay Motors shares about a recent charity build eBay did alongside Rutledge Wood, which benefited the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund. The crew restored a ’67 Mustang Fastback in six different cities across the country and sold with the final bid at the 2017 SEMA Show. eBay Motors is now even allotting a mechanic to check out the car before you make the trip to buy it. Discover more about this company with a big heart.

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