THE DRIVE with Alan Taylor | Episode #350

Alan heads up the Craftsman Garage at SEMA 2018 as the automotive industry once again gathers in Las Vegas, Nevada to show of their latest innovations and new products. Up first, “Wheeler Dealers” Host, Mike Brewer, shares his automotive enthusiasm and origin story on the Craftsman live stage. Next, star of Fast N’ Loud, Richard Rawlings, discusses his numerous lucrative business ventures, from tequila, energy drinks, and restaurants to his multiple television shows. Shifting gears, original inventor of the HAZMAT system, Nick Singer, tells us about his most recent project, Truck ‘N’ Cover, a series of modular truck bed systems that will revolutionize the way your family uses their pickup. Next up, Head of Passenger Car Brands – Dodge, SRT, Chrysler and FIAT, FCA – North America, Steve Beahm, chats about the new Dodge Redeye, a 797-HP everyman’s version of the Demon. Shifting gears, Mr. Norm’s GSS Supercar Vehicle Program Director, Larry Weiner, shares the rich history of Hurst Shifters from their inception in 1958 to their 60th anniversary this year. Then, President and Founder, Roger Falcione, describes how you can use his classic car trading site to sell your vehicle and spread its story; every car has a story on Changing lanes, Host of “Long Lost Family” and “Overhaulin’”, Chris Jacobs, talks about his favorite cars and projects, including a 1985 Porsche 911, a 1968 Plymouth GTX, and his work on TLC’s tearjerker, “Long Lost Family”. This show is particularly close to Chris’ heart as he too was reunited with his birth mother at the age of 23. Also, Dennis Collins and Kelsey Collins of Collins Bros Jeep recount what it’s like to work with Richard Rawlings, and their recent win at Kuwait Concours d’Elegance with an Austin Healey named Goldie. Wrapping up the show, LINE-X President, Dennis Weese, and American television personality, Jesse James, discuss LINE-X’s display at SEMA, including their amazingly strong protective coating, and a pair of Dodge Rams separated by 25 years. Jesse also fills us in on his time spent as crew chief for his wife, Alexis DeJoria, and recent foray into the firearms industry. Don’t miss out on these exciting interviews from the Craftsman Garage live stage at SEMA 2018.


  • [00:00:00]“Deals on Wheels” to “Wheeler Dealers”
  • [00:08:19] Falling In Love With 200 Cars
  • [00:12:30] Richard Rawlings and His Many Ventures
  • [00:19:51]  Extend Capabilities with Truck ‘N’ Cover
  • [00:28:08] FCA’s Steve Beahm on Dodge Redeye
  • [00:35:51] This History of Hurst Shifters
  • [00:42:11] Your Car’s Story on
  • [00:45:14] Project Cars and “Long Lost Family”
  • [00:54:42] Search for Classic Cars Continues
  • [01:02:03] LINE-X and Jesse James’ New Show
  • [01:12:33] Jesse James the Crew Chief
  • [01:18:04] LINE-X 1993 Dodge Ram by Jesse James


Discover more about segments and guests below…


[00:00:00] “Deals on Wheels” to “Wheeler Dealers”

“Wheeler Dealers” is one of the biggest car shows in the world; how did host, Mike Brewer, become a petrol-head? Mike realized he had a passion for the automotive hobby during his time spent handing off tools to his dad in England workshop. As the years went by, his love for the craft developed, until his Mini was backed into. After receiving the insurance check, he bought back the wrecked vehicle for only $50, wrenched on it with his dad and resold it for $1,000. That was it, he was hooked. In 1997, Mike started a local television show in England called “Deals on Wheels”, which provided the blueprints for “Wheeler Dealers”. Find out more about how Mike got into the business of flipping cars, and why he knows you can, too.   


[00:08:19] Falling In Love With 200 Cars

Karl Brauer, Executive Publisher for Kelley Blue Book, Autotrader, and, just came from the Ford press conference at SEMA 2018 and shares the latest news on the Ford GT Carbon Series that will begin deliveries around January 1st. “Wheeler Dealers” Host, Mike Brewer, will be ready to challenge Karl on the track with his McLaren Senna. This fun and friendly competition reminds Mike what the car hobby is really about – passion and enthusiasm. Mike takes pride in the fact that there’s still such ardor for “Wheeler Dealers”, and contends that he wishes he could keep every car he’s fixed, flipped, and sold during his career. Do you have a passion for cars?


[00:12:30] Richard Rawlings and His Many Ventures

If there’s anyone in the automotive industry who has met with success lately, it’s Gas Monkey Garage Owner and “Fast N’ Loud” star, Richard Rawlings. Not just a tinkerer and TV personality, Richard has his hands in many other ventures as well, including Gas Monkey Energy Drink, Gas Monkey Bar and Grill, Gas Monkey Cinnamon Tequila, and even a NASCAR racing team with Corey LaJoie in the driver’s seat. Richard gives us an update on all of his projects, describes his work with the troops, and shares his ramped-up relationship with his favorite tool brand – Craftsman. Also, if you have any information regarding Richard’s stolen Hellcat (serial number 2), let us know!


[00:19:51] Extend Capabilities with Truck ‘N’ Cover

Trucks have gone through a dramatic transformation since the turn of the millennium. We’ve seen the introduction, integration, and standardization of the crew cab, and subsequent shortening of the be. Relatively little innovation has gone into what makes a truck, a truck – the bed. That’s where Truck ‘N’ Cover Owner and inventor, Nick Singer, comes in. With his brand new line of amazing camper shell-esque bed covers, extenders, and ‘backpacks’, Truck ‘N’ Cover can give your truck the well-rounded capabilities to make it the ultimate family and work vehicle. Learn more about this awesome product and the passion behind the man who invented it.


[00:28:08] FCA’s Steve Beahm on Dodge Redeye

The effect SEMA has on the hobby at large is undeniable. Head of Passenger Car Brands – Dodge, SRT, Chrysler and FIAT, FCA – North America, Steve Beahm, explains why they scour the grounds of the SEMA Show to keep up with all the latest trends. Changing gears, Steve chats about the first 52 Dodge Redeyes that have shipped out to dealerships across America. A more accessible version of the Dodge Demon, the Redeye will have 797-HP, but unlike its older brother, will not be on a limited production schedule. Also, discover how a father with an extensive history with racing, and owning a 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner at the age of 16, lit the flames of automotive passion in Steve’s heart.


[00:35:51] This History of Hurst Shifters

Hurst is celebrating their 60th year of bringing the highest quality shifters to the automotive industry. Vehicle Program Director for Mr. Norm’s GSS Supercars (Hurst’s performance car division), Larry Weiner, gives us the history of the iconic shifter company, including their partnership with Linda Vaughn, the first time their top-tier shifters were used on a production vehicle, and heavy ties with the racing community. in a competition, every millisecond counts, and these shifters give you the best possible control of your transmission. Find out why you need an aftermarket Hurst shifter.


[00:42:11] Your Car’s Story on

With almost 50,000 classic cars posted for sale, is the premier place to sell your golden oldie or find your next project vehicle. It isn’t just about buying or selling cars; this site showcases the stories and experiences of these jewels of the past. Recently, President and Founder, Roger Falcione, decided to partner with Alan to help bring more multimedia content to the website. Check it out at



[00:45:14] Project Cars and “Long Lost Family”

Working on Velocity’s “Overhaulin’” has given former host, Chris Jacobs, many opportunities like hosting the Barrett-Jackson Live Stage. A car guy at heart, Chris takes his job home with him and has many project cars of his own like a 1985 Porsche 911, 1968 Plymouth GTX, and his most recent undertaking, a 1970 Dodge D100. Chris plans on eventually donating most of his restored cars to be auctioned off at Barrett-Jackson to benefit charity organizations like the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. The car hobby is full of people willing to give and do good for others. This drive, and the fact that Chris was reunited with his birth mother at the age of 23, lead him to host TLC’s tear jerker, “Long Lost Family”, a show that will make even the toughest man cry. Download the TLC app and watch “Long Lost Family” anytime, anywhere.


[00:54:42] Search for Classic Cars Continues

If Richard Rawlings is the wild man in front of the camera, Collins Bros Jeep President and Owner, Dennis Collins, is the wise sage behind the curtain. Dennis gives us insight on what it’s like to work with one of television’s favorite car kings. Changing gears, we find out how Dennis’ daughter, Kelsey Collins, set up and was able to expand their search for rare barn-finds, bringing in more classics than ever before. Also, Dennis discusses why customizing Jeeps is such a lucrative business avenue. Whether you’re selling your iconic ride or shopping tricked out jeep and accessories discover more at and


[01:02:03] LINE-X and Jesse James’ New Show

LINE-X protective coatings has been keeping your vehicle safe for 25 years. Not just bedliners, LINE-X has evolved into a network of over 500 franchises throughout North America, bringing you the best in everything from accessories to springs for your jeeps and trucks. LINE-X celebrates this legacy at SEMA 2018 with the help of two RAM Pickups customized by the Diesel Brothers and Jesse James. President Dennis Weese gives us the details on a beefed up 1993 Dodge Ram and 2018 RAM Pickup. Then, master car customizer, TV personality and Owner of Jesse James Firearms Unlimited, Jesse James, joins us on stage. Jesse fills us in on his move to Texas to start up his gunsmithing shop, an event that took 17 semi trucks to complete! Plus, find out about Jesse James’ return television with Discovery Network.


[01:12:33] Jesse James the Crew Chief

Relationships can be hell, but they can also be a hell of a teacher. After getting it wrong a few times, TV personality and founder of Jesse James Firearms Unlimited, Jesse James, feels like he’s finally hit the jackpot with retired American drag racer, Alexis DeJoria. After sponsoring Scott Kalitta for four years, Jesse had to step away from the world of racing when the funny car driver passed away. When Alexis came into the picture, Jesse found himself back in the pit. There’s a certain catharsis and sense of security that comes with being in charge of the maintenance of your significant other’s race car, although it’s not without its drawbacks. Learn more about Jesse’s time as a NHRA crew chief.


[01:18:04] LINE-X 1993 Dodge Ram by Jesse James

When LINE-X approached Jesse James to build one of two Dodge Rams that would be on display at SEMA 2018, he was happy to accept. Thankfully, he was given the 1993 Dodge Ram, as it is near to his heart. When Jesse started at West Coast Choppers, one of his first tasks was to buy a brand new 1996 Dodge Ram 12 Valve Cummins Diesel to tow trailers to every show. Now, he gets to revisit this amazing pickup, albeit while taking some liberties, with the help of LINE-X. Also, hear why a 1954 Chevy pickup, while not perfect, is the perfect truck for Jesse.


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