THE DRIVE with Alan Taylor | Episode #351

We’re back with another week of coverage from the Craftsman Garage at SEMA 2018. First up, Wayne Carini from “Chasing Classic Cars” gives us his origin story and updates us on the shows status in the world of Discovery Network ratings. Next, Art Morrison Enterprises Owner, Art Morrison, and Operations Manager, Craig Morrison, discuss the art of balancing shop work and outdoor play. Also, catch some tips for a peaceful working relationship with family members. Before he was a 3000-HP tractor pull racer, Koester Racing’s Larry Koester met with an unfortunate accident while mowing his fields in a Ford farm tractor. After his tractor flipped over and pinned him resulting in the amputation of both of his legs, learn how his daughter’s unconditional love was the only thing that could dig him out of the darkest place in his life. Changing lanes, “Garage Rehab” Project Manager, Russell Holmes, shares how he got into the world of cars with a 1978 Chevrolet Camaro that he bought for $75, and why he knows he can keep pace with co-star, Richard Rawlings. Then, we chat with NASCAR Rookie of the Year, Hailie Deegan, and her father and X-Games Champion, Brian Deegan, about what it’s like to live in a family of wild and fast racers. A family of firsts, Hailie Deegan has become the first female to ever win a NASCAR race, while her little brother is the youngest person ever to perform a backflip on a dirt bike. Shifting gears, Nissan Motor Corporation Truck and SUV/Brand Communications Specialist, Kevin Raftery, fills us in on the new Nissan Titan XD, equipped with a Cummins diesel engine. Next, Collins Bros Jeep’s Dennis and Kelsey Collins discuss their Jeep Wrangler JL Hellcrate, barn finds, and the effect social media has had on the automotive industry. Dave Hall of Restore a Muscle Car and Jeff Catlin of Barrett-Jackson join in on our social media conversation; it can be a useful tool to build excitement for new car projects. Closing the show, Rat Runners Garage Owner, Aaron Hagar, describes his YouTube video series, Design | Cut | Build”, and how living around Lake Tahoe has helped propel him as a car enthusiast. Don’t miss out on these exclusive interviews from the Craftsman Garage at SEMA 2018.


  • [00:00:00] Discovery’s #3, “Chasing Classic Cars”
  • [00:06:38] Origins of “Chasing Classic Cars”
  • [00:12:31] Balancing Work and Outdoor Fun
  • [00:19:51] Larry Koester’s Tractor Tragedy
  • [00:27:06] Inspiration from the Mouth of Babes
  • [00:35:51] Russell Holmes on a Mission to Give Back
  • [00:42:11] Hailie Deegan NASCAR Rookie of the Year
  • [00:46:03] Deegan Family Born to Race
  • [00:54:42] Nissan Titan XD Cummins Diesel
  • [01:02:03] Jeep Wrangler JL Hellcrate at SEMA
  • [01:08:40] Social Media’s Impact on Auto Hobby
  • [01:18:03] Aaron Hagar and Rat Runners Garage


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[00:00:00] Discovery’s #3, “Chasing Classic Cars”

The top three shows on Discovery Network are car shows. Coincidence? We think not! The Car hobby is a big family, and it’s at SEMA that we have our get together. “Chasing Classic Cars” Host, Wayne Carini, says the best part of SEMA is hanging out with the collective automotive industry and meeting fans of his show. With the new, 13th season of “Chasing Classic Cars”, Wayne has decided to change to a long format of 12 one hour episodes rather than 26 half hour episodes, bringing some much needed time spent at home into his life. We get a preview of what’s to come for the last half of this season of the show and find out that “Chasing Classic Cars” is Discovery Network’s #3 most watched show in 42 countries around the world! Find out what kind of relationship Wayne has with his Discovery Network pals, like “Wheeler Dealers” host, Mike Brewer.


[00:06:38] Origins of “Chasing Classic Cars”

Everyone likes a tale of romance across the ages, right? A teenaged love is rekindled at the age of 52 that opens the door into a world of possibilities. This is the story of Wayne Carini’s path to success as a TV star. From his first car, a $20 1952 Chevy that he ran as a lot car, to his stable of Volkswagens, Wayne’s love for the automotive hobby started at a young age; but he never lost sight of that beauty he always knew he wanted. At the age of 52 he finally got his hands on a Hudson Italia, a dream he held onto since the age of 16. After reading about his journey in a New York Times article by writer Donald Osborn, current head of Wayne’s production company, Jim Astrausky, called him up and proposed a TV show. Learn more about Wayne’s amazing origin story.


[00:12:31] Balancing Work and Outdoor Fun

Art Morrison Enterprises is well known for making the winningest hot rod chassis around. What you might not know about the Morrisons is that they have a deep connection with the outdoors. Operations Manager, Craig Morrison, chats about the time he spends with his son in the wilderness and why it’s important to have down time. Then, Owner Art Morrison reveals his love for fly fishing and gives us tips on how to survive in business with family. Find out why finding a work-life balance is just as important in the auto industry as it is anywhere else.


[00:19:51] Larry Koester’s Tractor Tragedy

It was Koester Racing driver, Larry Koester’s 5th wedding anniversary, and a day like any other. As he unsuspectingly mowed a field on his farm, his Ford tractor tipped over on a bank, pinning Larry underneath and stabbing him in the head. While his family attempted to rescue him, the tractor’s battery came loose and sparked a fire, lighting Larry. Finally, his brother was able to get him free of the tractor, but Larry was dead. Find out how Larry was able to escape this situation to become one of the biggest names in tractor pull racing today.


[00:27:06] Inspiration from the Mouths of Babes

After being pronounced dead four times at the hospital, doctors didn’t have much hope for Koester Racing’s Larry Koester. In a Hail Mary surgery they were able to save Larry’s life, but at the cost of both of his legs. He was cleared to return home to a very touching reception, but he didn’t feel right. He couldn’t be the breadwinner, and he was stuck in his house, until one day he was left at home with his 3 year old daughter while his wife ran errands. Hear how the unconditional love of his daughter gave Larry the strength to carry on and become the man he is today.


[00:35:51] Russell Holmes on a Mission to Give Back

A contractor from New York, Russell Holmes is the guy that brings Richard Rawlings’ visions to life on “Garage Rehab”; but how did he get to be this guy we all know? With a strong sense of independence, Russell moved into his own apartment at age 16, finished high school, and bought his first car – a $75 1978 Chevrolet Camaro. The guy he bought it from told him he thought the vehicle just needed gas, but a Craftsman 9/16 wrench underneath the intake manifold revealed that to be a lie. After rebuilding the car, Russell was hooked. Since then, he’s been involved in multitude of projects, from building tennis courts and docks, working as a bouncer, and running a repossession company. This, Russell believes, gives him the edge he needs to keep up with the high-energy directives of Richard Rawlings. Lear more about Russell’s role and the new season of “Garage Rehab”.


[00:42:11] Hailie Deegan NASCAR Rookie of the Year

Did you know that no woman has ever won a NASCAR K&N Pro Series race? Well, until now that is. NASCAR Rookie of the Year, Hailie Deegan commemorates her recent historic win and the road she traveled to get there. Her father, and X Games Champion, Brian Deegan, gleams with pride as he recounts his years spent raising Hailie and her recent ascension to NASCAR fame. Find out more about this much deserved win.


[00:46:03] Deegan Family Born to Race

Racing and extreme sports are tradition in the Deegan family. Motocross legend, off-road racer, team owner and businessman, Brian Deegan, describes his life growing up racing supercross, motocross, and winning X Games awards, as well as the injuries that came with it. Through his years, Brian developed some great partnerships in the racing world, which he has passed down to his kids. A family of firsts, Hailie has now become the first female to win a NASCAR K&N Pro Series race, while Brian’s son (nickname DangerBoy), was the youngest to perform a backflip on a dirt bike at age 10. While Brian’s personal racing accomplishments have been huge high points in his life, he says nothing compares to the pride he feels for the accomplishments of his children. Find out how the world of racing has forged an unbreakable bond between the Deegan family members.


[00:54:42] Nissan Titan XD Cummins Diesel

Most people think they need the biggest truck their money can buy, but that’s not necessarily the case. Nissan Motor Company Truck and SUV/Brand Communications Specialist, Kevin Raftery, explains why the Nissan Titan is the perfect blend of heavy duty and light duty in a truck. Also, find out about the bigger and badder Nissan Titan XD and its Cummins diesel engine that give you all the power you need to get the job done.


[01:02:03] Jeep Wrangler JL Hellcrate at SEMA

So you love the power of the Hellcat engine, but you also want a Jeep for off road exploring. What’s a guy to do? Thankfully, Owner of Collins Bros Jeep and Black Mountain Jeep, Dennis Collins, now makes a beefed up blend of the Jeep Wrangler JL with a Hellcat engine and has brought it to SEMA 2018! That’s 707-HP of pure offroad fury. Also, we find out about the success Social Media & Branding Manager, Kelsey Collins, has had managing Dennis’ social media presence as well as the highly fruitful website, Find out how Dennis’ Friday Coffee Walks have given fans an inside look at his car collection and Jeep projects.


[01:08:40] Social Media’s Impact on Auto Hobby

How has social media enriched the car hobby? Collins Bros Jeep’s Dennis and Kelsey Collins talk about how they’ve been able to use this popular medium to reach dedicated and new fans alike with content like “The Coffee Walk”. Dennis takes about 15 minutes out of his Fridays to take followers on a virtual tour of his shop and show them old classics, projects, and recent barn finds. Speaking of barn finds, Dennis fills us in on a few recent discoveries like a 330 GT Ferrari, 1934 Morgan 3-wheeler, and a 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Roadster. Then, Dave Hall from Restore a Muscle Car and Barrett-Jackson’s Jeff Catlin describe how social media helps them keep these golden oldies in the public eye for younger generations of auto enthusiasts to enjoy. Tune in for more.


[01:18:03] Aaron Hagar and Rat Runners Garage

Growing up with a famous dad guarantee a life of luxury and expensive cars. Rat Runners Garage Owner and “Design | Cut | Build” Host, Aaron Hagar, shares how trying to keep his old Alfa Romeo on the road and a wealth of vintage 20s-50s automobiles around Lake Tahoe kindled his passion for rat rods. Then, Aaron won’t discuss his new show with us, but hints that it has something to do with his dad, Sammy Hagar, and we find out a few details about season 4 of “Design | Cut | Build”. Tune in to find out more about Aaron’s TV shows and Rat Runners Garage exploits.


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