The world is reeling from the economic effects of the Coronavirus! Nowhere is that more evident than in GM’s decision to pull out of Australia and Thailand with its flagship brand and Holden. Executive Publisher for Autotrader, Kelly Blue Book, and, Karl Brauer, discusses this issue and also how to get the most out of your used vehicle and the Kelley Blue Book “Instant Cash Offer” feature. Next up, Automotive Journalist, BJ Killeen, chats about the new, hot electric/hydrogen powered truck company on the scene, Nikola Motor Company. We also explore how increased safety standards may well be the only reason Ryan Newman is still walking after his Daytona 500 crash. Then, we discuss Uber’s new option that lets you opt out of conversation with your driver, with Autotrader Executive Editor, Brian Moody. We also talk about Autotrader’s list of the fastest and affordable used trucks found on their site, tech features for long road trips, the Nissan Altima, and the allure of the Kia Telluride. Tune in for more!

·[00:00:00] GM Shuts Down In Australia
·[00:05:53] Coronavirus Affects the Auto Industry
·[00:12:31] How to Increase the Value of Your Car
·[00:19:51] Karl’s Impressions on the Porsche 718
·[00:27:13] Nikola Motor Company, New EV Truck!
·[00:35:53] Ryan Newman’s Crash at the Daytona 500
·[00:42:14] Uber Now Lets You Opt out of Conversation
·[00:48:00] Best Fast and Affordable Used Trucks
·[00:54:45] The Ford F-150 Lightning is Quick!
·[01:02:06] Tech Features for Your Next Road Trip
·[01:11:06] Cassette Tape Nostalgia/ Nissan Altima
·[01:18:08] Allure of Telluride, and Back-Up Assist

[00:00:00] GM Shuts Down In Australia

Earlier this week we received some shocking news from General Motors announcing they are pulling GM and Holden brands out of Australia and New Zealand. Executive Publisher for Autotrader, Kelly Blue Book, and, Karl Brauer, dives into the details of GM’s decision to pull out. Karl points out it’s not only Australia that GM is suspending operations in, they have also decided to pull out of Thailand. With Holden’s market share decreasing over 1% per year, what was GM supposed to do? This hasn’t been the only time GM has abandoned a market; they moved away from the European and Russian markets, and sold off Opel to PSA a few years ago.

[00:05:53] Coronavirus Affects the Auto Industry

Coronavirus has been all over the news, as everyone is aware, but how does this affect the car industry (as well as all other industries that rely on China’s manufacturing capabilities)? Kelly Blue Book’s Karl Brauer says maybe we should reevaluate China’s manufacturing reliability, as coronavirus has caused many factories to halt production. What does this mean for the automotive industry (you can’t sell an uncompleted vehicle to consumers)? Which companies will be affected the most?

[00:12:31] How to Increase the Value of Your Car

When the average consumer sells a car, they want it gone quickly and for a reasonable price. Executive Publisher for Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book, Karl Brauer, discusses the Instant Cash Offer feature on Kelley Blue Book, how it works, and what you can do to get the most out of your used vehicle. Karl also shares from his experience how something as simple as getting the car professionally detailed can help you get that price your aiming for. Alan discusses how Autotrader’s link to the Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer has been effective. The Instant Cash Offer has been a huge help for dealerships that want to grow their inventory, and for consumers who wish to get rid of their car quickly. 

[00:19:51] Karl’s Impressions on the Porsche 718

Manual transmission fans rejoice! Porsche has decided to go with an old school approach with their new Porsche 718 Cayman GTS 4.0 by keeping the engine naturally aspirated and only fitting it with a manual gearbox. Executive Publisher for Kelley Blue Book, Autotrader, and, Karl Brauer, was invited out to Portugal to test drive the new Porsche 718 Cayman GTS 4.0 The way the weight distribution is set up complements the handling of the car. combined with the automatic rev matching and the smooth power band the car is truly for driving enthusiasts. Porsche knows how to put together a Sportscar. 

[00:27:13] Nikola Motor Company, New EV Truck!

With the Tesla Cybertruck, GMC HUMMER, and Rivian R1T are there enough electric trucks? A company by the name of Nikola Motor Company says hell no! They’re jumping in on the game with their own electric and hydrogen powered pickup trucks that are going to compete with the HUMMER, and the Tesla Cybertruck. Automotive Journalist and Voice of Reason, BJ Kileen, gives us the specifications on this new EV. The Nikola Badger puts out 906 HP with 980 FT-lbs torque! The Badger also has a range of 600 miles, with 300 miles being provided by the batteries. One of the biggest advantages electric trucks have over internal combustion trucks is their instant torque. Tune in to learn more!

[00:35:53] Ryan Newman’s Crash at the Daytona 500

Last week Ryan Newman was in a horrific crash during the last lap of the Daytona 500 when he was bumped from behind as he was trying to keep his position. Crashing at that speed and at that time is one of the worst things that could’ve happened! Newman had serious but non-life-threatening injuries from the crash. Automotive Journalist and Voice of Reason, BJ Kileen, discusses how far safety in motorsports has come and how amazing it is that he was able to walk out of the hospital only a few days after the incident.  

[00:42:14] Uber Now Lets You Opt out of Conversation

Do you ever get stuck in an Uber ride with a driver who just rambles on and on about something you honestly couldn’t care less about? Well, now you have the option to choose whether or not you want to have a conversation with your rideshare experience. Autotrader Executive Editor, Brain Moody, brings up a good point: how awkward could this be for the driver knowing that the passenger has no interest in talking to them. On the other hand, this feature could be good for preventing your Uber driver using you as a personal life counselor. Do you want your Uber with, or without chatter?

[00:48:00] Best Fast and Affordable Used Trucks

Are you looking for an affordable yet punchy pickup truck? Autotrader Executive Editor, Brian Moody, has a list of the best fast and affordable used trucks for you! First up, the 2004-2006 RAM SRT10 sports a seriously mean Viper V10 engine, can make 500HP, and go for around $20,000 on Autotrader. Next, we discuss the 1990 Chevrolet Silverado 454 SS. It doesn’t sound impressive on paper with 230HP, but they’re quicker than you’d think and go for $20,000-$25,000. The Toyota Tacoma Xrunner earns a spot on this list not for it’s dragstrip ability, but it’s superb handling package. With a manual transmission, stiffer bracing, better handling, Bilstein shocks, and unique body work, the Xrunner can outperform the previous two in many ways. Tune in to learn more.

[00:54:45] The Ford F-150 Lightning is Quick!

As gearheads, we don’t care what vehicle it is, we want to go fast! Autotrader Executive Editor, Brian Moody, continues his list of fast trucks. Next up on the list is the 1990s and early 2000s Ford F-150 Lightning. Listed for around $25,000, the 2003 Ford Lighting is pretty quick, with a 0-60 time of 5.2 seconds! You can also find a similar truck in the Ford F-150 Harley-Davidson Edition, but it isn’t one of Brian’s favorites because it is too “tacky”. To be able to get a 5.2 second 0-60 time out of a truck from the early 2000’s is astounding, considering the mustang at the time had the same 0-60 time.

[01:02:06] Tech Features for Your Next Road Trip

Good technology should make your life easier. That’s why Autotrader Executive Publisher, Brian Moody, is bringing us a list of the best tech features for our next road trip. Find out why Apple CarPlay is a MUST, wireless charging is a great feature to have, a 360 degree backup camera is a game changer, and lane keep assist and adaptive cruise control are very helpful for long trips.

[01:11:06] Cassette Tape Nostalgia/ Nissan Altima

How long has it been since you’ve popped in your cassette tapes? Autotrader Executive Editor, Brian Moody, and Alan remember the glory days of their wacky mix tapes and old recordings. Then, Brian fills us in on the new Nissan Altima, which at first glance isn’t very impressive; but it is, and here’s why. Sure it has pretty standard styling, a standard interior, but the engine is a variable combustion turbo engine. Tune in to find out why this is actually amazing. 

[01:18:08] Allure of Telluride, and Back-Up Assist

The Telluride really is a homerun, slamdunk, touchdown for Kia. One of the best ways you can tell how well this vehicle is playing out for Kia is the lengths which people will go to get their hands on one! Autotrader Executive Editor, Brian Moody, tells us the story of a friend of his who’s father was willing to travel from Georgia to Ohio to get the Telluride of his dreams. Also, Alan adds a feature to Brian’s tech list for road trips – rear collision assistance – and Brain gives Alan his favorite road trip playlist. Tune in to find out what’s on that list.

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