Today we talk about all of the new, redesigned SUV’s on the market. Bj Killeen, Automotive Journalist and Voice of Reason, and Alan discuss the new 2021 Nissan Rogue he just bought his wife. They talk about the impressive new features and upgrades as well as the many new global vehicle introductions Nissan is planning over the next 20 months! BJ and Alan close out their time together comparing several other SUV’s on the market. Up next we have Josh Hancock, JoshCAR Hollywood Car Consultant, and Alan dishing on the impressive new Ford Bronco lineup. Josh talks about the new group of car buyers that have been named “new, new buyers” and how this new demand for vehicles is causing a lack of inventory for dealers. Steven Cole Smith, Automotive Journalist for Autoweek, Automobile Magazine and Grassroots Motorsports, joins in to talk all things racing with Alan. They share their thoughts about Romain Grosjean’s crash and George Russel’s unfortunate race loss due to a pitstop error. Steven shares about seeing Jimmy Johnson this week and also witnessing the new Toyota Supra GT4 in action. Closing out today’s show with us is Ed Justice Jr, President and CEO of Justice Brothers Inc. Ed and Alan chat about Jimmy Johnson’s recovery from COVID-19 and his transition to open wheel racing. Ed talks about his book, Legacy of Justice, and how it covers 100 years of the Justice family history with racing, including Ed’s father and uncles being the first sponsors of NASCAR. They talk about how inefficient and unsafe the guardrails are at the races and how they really need some redesign and modifications. Join us for more on the hottest automotive industry news!

·[00:00:00] 2021 Nissan Rogue SL AWD

·[00:06:29] Test Drive Before You Buy!

·[00:12:30] Nissan’s 10 New Global Vehicle Introductions

·[00:19:51] All-New Mid-Sized SUV’s

·[00:29:19] People Are Going Nuts Over The New Ford Bronco

·[00:35:53] “New, new buyer’s”

·[00:42:14] Romain Grosjean’s Miraculously Walks Away From Fiery Crash

·[00:48:55] A Little On Lewis Hamilton and George Russell

·[00:54:46] All Things Racing!

·[01:02:06] Jimmy Johnson’s Shifting Gears from Stock Car to Open Wheel Racing

·[01:10:46] Legacy of Justice, Over 100 Years of Family History in Racing!

·[01:18:07] Dangerous Guardrails


Host: Alan Taylor
Producer: Dave Milligan
Audio Engineer: Dave Milligan
Copy Editor: Dave Milligan
Contributor: BJ Killeen
Contributor: Josh Hancock
Contributor: Steven Cole Smith
Contributor: Ed Justice Jr.

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·Contributor: BJ Killeen | Automotive Journalist, Voice of Reason

Contributor: Josh Hancock | JoshCAR Hollywood Car Consultant

·Contributor: Steven Cole Smith | Automotive Journalist for Autoweek, Automobile Magazine and Grassroots Motorsports

·Contributor: Ed Justice Jr | Justice Brothers, Inc. President and CEO

Vehicles Discussed: Nissan Rogue, Subaru Ascent, Nissan Armada, Nissan Kicks, Honda Pilot, Acura MDX, Genesis GV70, Genesis GV80, Ford Bronco, Ford Bronco Sport, Toyota Supra GT4

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