Welcome back Auto Junkies! This week Alan Taylor – President and CEO of ERN open’s the show as he shares how great the auction website AutoHunter.com is because you keep 100% of your sale. Most other auction sites charge you for hosting and selling your vehicle. Alan suggests Classiccars.com if you want to sell your car on a non auction site. Alan goes onto share about his rare beauty the Shelby GT Mustang, that he was able to purchase from it’s original owner which happens to be a friend of his who was letting it go during the pandemic. Dick Messer – Classic car expert and Executive Director of Peterson Museum joins Alan as they discuss how the bids for the Shelby GT Mustang are up over $100,000 right now. Dick talks about selling off a lot of his cars since he is in his 80’s now and how you have to make sure you have all the original parts in the car or else the buyer will be calling you asking you to send them the specific part missing. George Kennedy III – Co-Founder of Cartender and Freelance Automotive Journalist for CarGurus, boston Globe, and U.S. News & World Report takes lead as he talks about driving a Subaru WRX STI S209 and how this car was previously released in Japan. They are making only 209 of these cars. Most of them will be crushed eventually to ensure a limited number of them are out there. Alan chimes in to talk about how his Jeep Gladiator automatically adjusts the driving mode when you plug in the trailer lights in order to make towing easier. They say they like these kinds of upgrades except when the car kicks into “nanny” mode when it deems your doing something a bit dangerous. They switch gears and talk about Fords Mustang Mach 1 and how it has paddle shifters. They also discuss how a lot of new sports cars are being made strictly automatic. Brian Moody – Executive Editor for Autotrader.com pulls in the rear and talks about how people are now more brand loyal to car companies now than before the pandemic. Subaru has the highest rate of brand loyalty out there right now and car companies are striving to make sure you have a good buying experience so you will want to come back to them. Lexus takes the leady for loyalty in the luxury division. They duo debate whether or not having a car all blacked out still looks cool or not. They go on to talk about how some cars that didn’t sell well, such as the Pontiac Aztec, were simply ahead of their time and would sell really well now. They go through a list of the least expensive new cars that you can buy right now, but they say most likely they will be out of stock due to there still being a microchip shortage. Brian says that your best bet for a cheap but good quality new vehicle is going to be from Kia or Hyundai. Alan closes the show today as he talks about all of the different cars he owns and how he usually buys rare or interesting ones (like how he owns a car that the late Patrick Swayze once owned). Alan says Hot August nights is happening again very shortly. He also says owning rare cars is just the same as having money in the bank and when he needs money he will sell some of his collection. Alan reminds his listeners that he will be back same time and same place next week to get you your “fix” on what’s new and cool in the auto world.

[00:00:00] – AutoHunter.com
[00:06:46] – Rare Beauty
[00:12:31] – 100k
[00:19:51] – Limited Stock [00:28:58] – Nanny Mode
[00:35:54] – Strictly Automatic
[00:42:16] – Brand Loyal
[00:48:17] – Lexus + Luxury = Loyalty
[00:54:47] – Blackout
[01:02:07] – Ahead of It’s Time
[01:09:17] – Cheap But Good Quality
[01:18:07] – Hot August Nights


Host: Alan Taylor
Producer: Dave Milligan
Audio Engineer: Dave Milligan
Copy Editor: Dave Milligan
Contributor: George Kennedy III Contributor: Brian Moody Special Guest: Dick Messer


  • Contributor: George Kennedy III |- Co-founder of Cartender and Freelance Automotive Journalist for CarGurus, Boston Globe, and U.S. News & World Report
  • Contributor: Brian Moody | Executive Editor for Autotrader.com
  • Special Guest: Dick Messer | Classic Car Expert and Executive Director at the Peterson Museum

Vehicles Discussed:

Shelby GT Mustang, Ford Mustang Mach 1, Subaru WRX STI S209, Pontiac Aztec, Jeep Gladiator


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