Alan broadcasts from the Hypertech booth at SEMA Las Vegas. His first “Voice of the Industry” guest is Barry Meguiar – President of Meguiars Inc. They share their excitement of being back at SEMA. Barry talks about the beginnings of SEMA when Noel Carpenter and Bob Peterson joined forces and made something grand. From Speed Equipment Market Association to Special Equipment Marketing Association. Barry shares the history of how they were once “Bad Boys” of the industry, the “Hot Rodders” and how over time they evolved into a family oriented car enthusiast brand. Next to join Alan in the booth is Greg Adler – President of Off Road Warehouse. Alan asks, “What is Off Road Warehouse? Greg explains that trucks and jeeps are a big part of Americana. More people are wanting to get off the grid. They offer products that will help do just that. From accessories to race products, they can help you personalize it. Richard Rawlings – American Entrepreneur and Star of Fast N Loud, Owner of Gas Monkey Garage joins Alan next. Alan refers to Richard as the “King of his own content”. They discuss car culture and what it means to them. Richard shares how Gas Monkey has partnered with HB Fuller Gorilla Pro. They are in the business of selling products that everybody is gonna want and use in their daily lives. Richard expressed his excitement of unveiling his revamped version of the Slingshot. John Lambert – Tuning Manager of Hypertech Inc. slides into the conversation and talks about their “React” program that calibrates the throttle sensor. It helps you dial in on your throttle response. For off-road it’s got crawl mode where it takes out the “jerkiness” and helps agitate the power delivery to smooth it out. Next, Alan welcomes Courtney Hansen, TV personality, co-host of tv show, “Overhaulin”, host of “Great Builds” and “Rides” to name a few. Courtney shares that she just ordered a new Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Redeye Widebody. She almost went for the Demon but felt it would have been a bit to much. Alan inquires as to what Courtney has been up to or what’s next on your journey in television. She announces her new upcoming show, “Ride of Your Life”, where her team at Royal Garage built 12 unique cars for 12 lovely families. It will be airing soon. Next up is Wayne Carini – American Car Restorer and TV Personality for “Chasing Classic Cars”. Wayne shares how he loves coming to SEMA and seeing all the new things and technology for the industry. He has partnered up with Craftsman’s Tools and is showcasing his red 1960 Testarossa Ferrari at the Craftsman’s booth. John Garrett with Bass stops buy quickly and shares what Hypertech has done for him. They built a programmer for his truck to help with more horsepower, speed and better fuel economy. He also shared that Hypertech installed a tire pressure monitoring system for his trailer that reads the tire pressure and internal hub temperature. John say’s it’s crucial for his line of work for he hauls his boat cross country and that can put a lot of pressure on his trailer. Up next is Craig Jackson – CEO of Barrett-Jackson Auctions. The duo talk about the enthusiasm of people wanting to get out on the road and drive their cars. Craig says the hobby and lifestyle of car collecting is expanding. People want to get out and live life. Alan shares that he bought a 500 SLM AMG Mercedes Benz from the auction and his wife inquired as to why he did that. Alans answer was simple, Why Not! We are not going to live forever and we might as well enjoy life. Craig shares that the 50th Anniversary of Barrett-Jackson Auction will be incredible. It’s a 9 day event starting from January 22nd to the 30th of 2022. Bob Moore – SEMA Board Member, Co-Founder and Chairman of SEMA Dated Co-Op joins Alan next in the Hypertech Booth. He is the man behind the creation of the first industry initiative to standardize and centralize product data into a single-source data pool. Basically he created a system that you can describe any product in as much ways possible to single in on a particular product. Up next is Bud Brutsman – President of Brentwood Communications, Producer and Racer. He joins Alan and shares about showcasing 50 off road vehicles at SEMA. From Ivan Stewart’s Trophy Truck, Parnelli Jones “Big Oly”, to the Meyers Manx 1967 “Old Red” Buggy. Alan asks what’s new in his world? Bud said he is heading to Ensenada for the 54th Annual Baja 1000. How exciting! Ending today’s show for the “Voice of the Industry” is Jason Oberhelmon – Co-Founder & CEO of ACES Fuel Injection. It’s a New Company in the automotive industry that specialized in having your classic vehicle run like your new car. It’s a do it yourself, self-learning, plug and play. Jason say’s they have tons of products that will help enhance and bring your auto current. They offer simplicity and price points that set’s them above the rest. Alan will be back next week with more “Voice of the Industry” from his Hypertech Booth @ SEMA Las Vegas.

[00:00:00] – Meguiars Car Care Products
[00:07:04] – Birth of SEMA
[00:12:31] – Greg Adler – Off Road Warehouse
[00:19:52] – Richard Rawlings – Gas Monkey Garage
[00:31:03] – John Lambert – Hypertech
[00:35:55] – Courtney Hansen
[00:42:15] – Wayne Carini “Chasing Classic Cars”
[00:49:29] – John Garrett – Bass Pro
[00:54:07] – Craig Jackson – Barrett-Jackson Auctions
[01:02:07] – Bob Moore & Partners
[01:10:08] – Bud Brutsman “Overhaulin”
[01:18:08] – Jason Oberhelmon – ACES Fuel Injection


Host: Alan Taylor
Producer: Dave Milligan
Audio Engineer: Dave Milligan
Copy Editor: Dave Milligan
Special Guest: Barry Meguiar
Special Guest: Greg Adler
Special Guest: John Lambert
Special Guest: Richard Rawlings Special Guest: Courtney Hansen Special Guest: Wayne Carini Special Guest: John Garrett Special Guest: Craig Jackson Special Guest: Bob Moore Special Guest: Bud Brutsman Special Guest: Jason Oberhelmon


  • Special Guest: Barry Meguiar | President of Meguiars Inc. Car Care Products
  • Special Guest: Greg Adler |  President of Off Road Warehouse
  • Special Guest: John Lambert | General Manager of Hypertech
  • Special Guest: Richard Rawlings | Owner/Star of Gas Monkey Garage and Fast N’Loud
  • Special Guest: Courtney Hansen | TV Personality and Producer of “Ride of Your Life”
  • Special Guest: Wayne Carini | American Car Restorer, TV Personality for “Chasing Classic Cars”
  • Special Guest: John Garrett | Bass
  • Special Guest: Craig Jackson | CEO of Barrett-Jackson Auctions
  • Special Guest: Bob Moore | Bob Moore & Partners, SEMA Board Member, Co-Founder of SEMA Dated Co-Op
  • Special Guest: Bud Brutsman | President of Brentwood Communications
  • Special Guest: Jason Oberhelmon | Co-Founder & CEO of ACES Fuel Injection

Vehicles Discussed:

1960 Testarossa Ferrari, Dodge Demon, Dodge Charge Wide Body Redeye, Slingshot, 2021 TRX, 500 SLM AMG Mercedes Benz, Ivan Stewart’s Trophy Truck, Parnelli Jones “Big Oly”, Meyers Manx 1967 “Old Red” Buggy.


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Foundation of Human Understanding

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