Welcome back! Alan continues with his mission to get as many “Voices of the Industry” in the Hypertech Booth. First up is Matt Edmonds -Executive Vice President of Tire Rack. Alan ask’s the big question, what makes Tire Rack awesome? Delivering incredible service and making sure they get the right fit. Matt says it goes back to the data. Nothing like getting your hands on a vehicle to modify. But relying on data is important. It allows you to make sure the schematics are correct for the vehicle. Lauren Fix “The Car Coach” and spokesperson for APPEX, joins Alan next. They discuss what’s happening at AAPEX.  Automotive Aftermarket Performance Exhibition. Lauren say’s it’s all the parts you see in a parts store and more. Lauren talks about the Ford Booth being impressive. They had a V8 Coyote motor, jammed into a Bronco. Only 50 of them are being made and are coming out in 2023 race ready. Lauren shares that she has a company called Classic Tube. Manufacture tubing products for automotive, industrial, tanks, nuclear power plants. Also manufacture stainless braided hoses for any vehicle. Moving along we have Russ Deane-SEMA Hall of fame member, inducted in 2007. Russ’s first “hot laps” were in Germany at the age of 16 and has been racing ever since. Russ says SEMA in an industry of passion. If you come into the SEMA and you don’t realize this is a passion driven industry, you will fail. Brief talk about the Dodge Demon – built by drag racers for drag racers 840 horsepower that pops a wheelie with a factory warranty. Gives hope to the rest of the industry. Old friend – Jim Ryan – Director of Sales and Marketing for Score International Off-Road Racing jumps in the booth with Alan. They reminisce about the times they were on the radio together for what is now known as Motor Trend Group.  Les Rudd – President and CSO at Bob Cook Inc. and one of the Board of Directors at SEMA stops for a brief minute to talk about protecting and growing the industry and stated that SEMA is the largest trade show convention this year in the United States. Keeping the industry alive is his mission. Ron Knoch – President of Diesel Motorsports makes a quick stop. He’s been doing events for 14 years, all over the country at dragstrips to fairgrounds. From drag races, sled pulling, to show and shine and dyno competitions for diesel trucks is what Diesel motorsports is all about, you can find out more @Dieselmotorsports.us – website. B.J. Killeen – Voice of reason stops in and chats about the changes in the event since covid. She mentions that David Kindig from Bitchn’ rides is showcasing 2 of his reproduction Corvettes. Some people love it, some hate it.  It’s a clean design. BJ also shares that someone took a Ford 1966 Ford Bronco Roadster and made it electric. Say What!! Tim McCarthy, Founder of ZyBar, HIRA Chair-Elect, Founder and CEO of HushMat.  What is ZyBar known for? ZyBar is a coating that is rated at a 1600-degree metal surface temperature.  It’s a single component product polymer base. You can use it on turbo’s, super chargers, valve covers, etc. To learn more visit Zycoat.com. Jeff Major-CEO at BedWoods. They make quality wood bed components for truck restoration. Started in 2006 he was looking for something other than Oak wood for his project and it inspired him to do research and found there were no other options out there.  He researched exotic woods and now has 20 plus different choices. They can put their wood liners in models as early as 2021. Visit BedWood.com for more information. Dr. Jamie Meyer-President of PRI, Performance Racing Industry joins Alan as they discuss the car industry and how wonderful it is. Jamie talks about the community of the car culture. He mentions how SEMA bought PRI 9 years ago and that the show has been going on since the 1980s. PRI Show is for the hardcore racers, the business side of things. It’s a passion driven business, says Alan. The spirit of America comes to life in racing for Jamie. Up next is Jr. Granatelli, Owner of Granatelli Motorsports. What is Granatelli Motorsports? A fabrication facility that distributes and installs after-market performance automotive parts and accessories. GMS focuses on designing and engineering computer based electronic components such as mass airflow sensors, computer tuning software and operations, flash tool design and computer aided suspension design Exhaust cutouts, etc. Closing today’s show is Carter Reed Creative Director for SportTruck USA a Division of Fox Factory Inc. Suspension manufacturer. They talk about a 2 door Bronco Black Diamond edition 7 speed that was turned into a truck.  They took the full hard top and cut it down to a half cab. Carter say’s it’s fun to drive. BDS is who built the truck and put the suspension on it. 

[00:00:00] – Matt Edmonds – Tire Rack
[00:06:35] – Lauren Fix – The Car Coach
[00:12:31] – Russ Deane – Hall of Famer
[00:19:52] – Jim Ryan – International Off-Road Racing
[00:29:10] – Les Rudd – Board of Directors
[00:35:54] – Ron Knoch – Diesel Motorsports
[00:42:14] – BJ Killeen – Voice of Reason
[00:48:57] – Tim McCarthy – ZyBar
[00:54:46] – Jeff Major – BedWoods
[01:02:06] – Dr. Jamie Meyer – Performance Racing Industry
[01:10:24] – Jr. Granatelli – Granatelli Motorsports
[01:18:06] – Carter Reed – SportTruck USA


Host: Alan Taylor
Producer: Dave Milligan
Audio Engineer: Dave Milligan
Copy Editor: Dave Milligan
Special Guest: Matt Edmonds
Special Guest: Lauren Fix
Special Guest: Russ Deane
Special Guest: Jim Ryan Special Guest: Les Rudd Special Guest: Ron Knoch Special Guest: BJ Killeen Special Guest: Tim McCarthy Special Guest: Jeff Major Special Guest: Dr. Jamie Meyer Special Guest: Jr. Granatelli Special Guest: Carter Reed


  • Special Guest: Matt Edmonds | Executive Vice President of Tire Rack
  • Special Guest: Lauren Fix | The Car Coach
  • Special Guest: Russ Deane | SEMA Hall Of Fame
  • Special Guest: Jim Ryan | Director of Sales for International Off-Road Racing
  • Special Guest: Les Rudd | President and CSO of Bob Cook Inc., Board of Directors SEMA
  • Special Guest: Ron Knoch | President of Diesel Motorsports
  • Special Guest: BJ Killeen | Voice of Reason
  • Special Guest: Tim McCarthy | Founder of ZyBar
  • Special Guest: Jeff Major | CEO of BedWoods
  • Special Guest: Dr. Jamie Meyer | President of Performance Racing Industry
  • Special Guest: Jr. Granatelli | Owner of Granatelli Motorsports
  • Special Guest: Carter Reed | Creative Director of SportTruck USA

Vehicles Discussed:

Ford Bronco, Dodge Challenger Demon


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