Alan is back with more “Voices of the Industry” Live at SEMA, Las Vegas 2021. First in line is Bill Rogers – President of Keystone. Keystone is the largest wholesale distributor in SEMA space for automotive equipment and accessories. Alan inquired about his thoughts on SEMA and the new era and the break that covid brought? Bill feels that people got motivated to work on projects that they have been putting to the side and as far as business goes, it was a rollercoaster ride but during the last half, they were able to rise above. What’s the main thrust for Keystone? That they carry all the great products that the industry creates. What’s your thoughts on electric cars? Bill says he’s a combustion engine kinda guy. Up next is Darice Laurence – Chief Technology Officer at Barrett-Jackson. They talk about the 50th anniversary for Barrett-Jackson coming up in January. Darice say’s it’s about the journey of the first 50 years and what’s gonna happen in the next 50 years. Darice explains that the new brand for Barrett-Jackson will be the younger generation on their platform. The Metaverse. Auction in the virtual world, build cars in the virtual world. To cater to the digital natives. Jackie Born stops by the booth to discuss Overlanding. It started in Australia, where people who are inspired to camp off grid with their vehicles being their main hub. Its adventure riding. Building up your vehicle to get out. The fusion of camping and off-roading. To have your vehicle equipped to go camping, to have water, food, shelter and all the essentials needed. Alex Borla – Founder and CEO of Borla Performance Industries makes an appearance. They talk about the advancement of the company through his son. Combining technology and music they were able to come into the new age with the ability for the consumer to click and listen to the exhaust kit of their choice. Bill say’s their selling excitement! Up next is Bob Spar with B&M Racing and Performance. He stops by briefly as he and Alan talk about the origins of SEMA. Alan asked Bob, “What is the essence of SEMA”? Innovation says Bob. President and CEO of SEMA, Chris Kersting joins Alan next as they discuss how SEMA is working out. Chris says the folks that are at SEMA are folks who really want to be there. It’s been 2 years thanks to covid. SEMA is a business to business event, but its also about the celebration of car culture. He’s been doing this for 20 years and it’s been a privilege to spend time helping the industry from overcoming challenges to technical issues like missions compliance. Clarence Barnes joins Alan next in the Hypertech Booth. He briefly talks about the Arrington Performance partnership with Bosch and how they developed a Hydrogen Powered truck. It’s not a fuel cell, it’s direct injected with 600 horsepower. Alan asked what his impression on SEMA is for this year? Clarence said it’s awesome that people are out and back with a vengeance. Nick Terzes – SEMA Strategy and Planning Supervisor for Ford Motor Company stops by. He shares why SEMA is so important for Ford. It’s an opportunity to showcase their great product line along with their aftermarket products that they offer. Performance, capability, and robustness. Ford is highlighting a 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback at SEMA along with their Broncos. What do you like about ford? Nick says they believe in family, they focus on quality and what makes people’s lives better. Up next is Steve Strope – Founder of Pure Vision. They talk about his expectations of SEMA. Steve say’s it’s exactly what he thought it would be. Not as many people, but the car enthusiast and community are here despite covid. He say’s the car culture keeps you young and excited. Alan believes a car is a personal conveyance of who you are. Steve is showcasing a 1969 Chevy Nova that they built for Joe Rogan. Closing out today’s show with Alan is Nate Shelton – Chairman of SEMA. This will be Nate’s 47th show with SEMA. Nate shares that SEMA is the largest gathering of small businesses in any one place at one time in the world. He say’s people are upbeat and excited to be here. Crowds are down but it allows a little more elbow room and people can see more of what’s happening. Tune in for more next week as Alan continues his coverage at the “Voices of the Industry” SEMA Hypertech Booth in Las Vegas.

[00:00:00] – Bill Rogers – President of Keystone
[00:06:21] – Darice Laurence – Barrett-Jackson
[00:12:31] – Jackie Born – Overlanding
[00:19:52] – Alex Borla – Borla Exhaust
[00:28:20] – Kathryn Reinhardt – 4-Wheel Parts
[00:35:53] – Bob Spar – B&M Racing and Performance
[00:42:14] – Chris Kersting – CEO of SEMA
[00:48:02] – Clarence Barnes – Television Star of the Automotive World
[00:54:45] – Nick Terzes – SEMA Strategist for Ford Motor Company
[01:02:05] – Steve Strope – Founder of Pure Vision
[01:12:05] – Steve Strope – Car Culture
[01:18:06] – Nate Shelton – Chairman of SEMA


Host: Alan Taylor
Producer: Dave Milligan
Audio Engineer: Dave Milligan
Copy Editor: Dave Milligan
Special Guest: Bill Rogers
Special Guest: Darice Laurence
Special Guest: Jackie Born
Special Guest: Alex Borla Special Guest: Kathryn Reinhardt Special Guest: Bob Spar Special Guest: Chris Kersting Special Guest: Clarence Barnes Special Guest: Nick Terzes Special Guest: Steve Strope Special Guest: Nate Shelton


  • Special Guest: Bill Rogers | President of Keystone
  • Special Guest: Darice Laurence | Chief Technology Officer at Barrett-Jackson
  • Special Guest: Jackie Born | Overlanding
  • Special Guest: Alex Borla | Borla Performance Industries
  • Special Guest: Kathryn Reinhardt | Director of Retail 4-Wheel Sports
  • Special Guest: Bob Spar | B&M Racing and Performance
  • Special Guest: Chris Kersting | President and CEO of SEMA
  • Special Guest: Clarence Barnes | Television Star of the Automotive World
  • Special Guest: Nick Terzes | SEMA Strategy and Planning Supervisor for Ford Motor Company
  • Special Guest: Steve Strope | Founder of Pure Vision
  • Special Guest: Nate Shelton | Chairman of SEMA

Vehicles Discussed:

1969 Chevy Nova, 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback, Ford Bronco


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