On this week’s The Drive, Alan welcomes his friend, Ed Justice Jr. – Justice Brothers, Inc. President and CEO. They talk about how most magazines have now gone online.  Ed says he’d rather have it sent to him in solid form to where he gets reminded to read it and then be able to pass it along.   The duo change gears and talk about how so many engineers feel that the fuel cell is where things will end up. They both feel that electric cars are a temporary thing and will be an issue when the batteries die and nowhere to charge them.  Ed shares about his family’s history in NASCAR starting back in 1950 when his dad and uncles won the Indianapolis 500.  Then later that year, they won the Southern NASCAR 500.  Ed repeated the history last year with his phenomenal team. Up next in the hot seat is George Kennedy III – Co-founder of Cartender and Freelance Automotive Journalist for CarGurus, Boston Globe, and U.S. News & World Report. George and Alan discuss the pros and cons between an electric car vs. a hybrid.  Alan discusses his daughter’s purchase of a hybrid minivan and how much she saves in gas. George shares his thoughts on driving a 2022 Ford Escape Plug-In Hybrid.  It’s been redesigned and gives you 37 miles of electric driving.  No range anxiety! The gas engine kicks in after electric runs out or when you push on the pedal.  Alan says you get better mileage when driving around town. It’s a compact vehicle with leather-heated seats, remote start, heated steering wheel, apple car play, touch screen, panoramic moonroof and so much more.  Starts at $28k to the Titanium 38k. Alan says don’t let the electric car be your only car. BJ Killeen – Automotive Journalist and Voice of Reason is next as she brings up the topic of the possibility of 18-year old’s being able to get their CDL?  Do they have enough experience to know what to do?  Nope says Alan.  BJ say’s to go and check out Dodge Garage.com, to apply.  One lucky fan 150,000 will be chosen to represent Dodge, to drive Hellcat company car all the while being the “Donut” Master.  Lauren Fix – Editor in-Chief for Car Coach Reports jumps onboard as they talk about the Lucid Air.  Lauren says she’s not an EV person, but she liked it.  The Dream Performance Edition, which has 1100 horsepower and a 500-mile range.  With a unique design, it goes from 0-60 in 2.4 seconds.  Alan says it’s the best-looking EV vehicle.  The build quality is premium says Lauren.  $67k starting. Next they discuss the NACTOY winners.  Lauren said she really liked driving the Maverick.  Really impressive.  She also liked driving the Genesis GV70, totally in love, with the bigger engine.  Lauren switches over and talks about “car smarts”.  She says think before you sell unless you have another vehicle.  Is there a good extended warranty?  If you are military or family has been in the military then yes.  Other than that, she says to read the fine print.  Closing the show is the man himself, Alan Taylor – President and CEO of ERN.  Alan talks about heading to Barrett-Jackson 50th Anniversary being held in Scottsdale, Arizona.  He talks about what he will be doing while he is there.  He says the Car Culture is so crazy, that he is excited to be a part of the Marketplace for Barrett-Jackson.  It’s huge!  Everything you could possibly want for the car industry.  From clothing, jewelry, paintings and more.  He’s there helping to expand the knowledge of cars.  It’s going to be an amazing event. 

[00:00:00] – “Pass Along”
[00:06:19] – Fuel Cell
[00:12:30] – History Repeated
[00:19:51] – Electric vs Hybrid
[00:29:28] – No Range Anxiety
[00:35:53] – Plug-In Hybrid
[00:42:13] – CDL at 18?
[00:48:39] – DodgeGarage.com
[00:54:45] – Lucid Air
[01:02:05] – Build Quality
[01:11:29] – Car Smarts
[01:18:05] – Scottsdale Here I Come!


Host: Alan Taylor
Producer: Dave Milligan
Copy Editor: Colleen Mahi
Contributor: Ed Justice Jr
Contributor: George Kennedy III Contributor: BJ Killeen Contributor: Lauren Fix


  • Contributor: Ed Justice Jr | Justice Brothers Inc, President and CEO
  • Contributor: George Kennedy III | Co-founder of Cartender and Freelance Automotive Journalist for CarGurus, Boston Globe, and U.S. News & World Report
  • Contributor: BJ Killeen | Automotive Journalist and Voice of Reason
  • Contributor: Lauren Fix | Editor in-Chief for Car Coach Reports https://carcoachreports.com/

Vehicles Discussed: 2022 Lucid Air, 2022 Ford Escape Plug-In Hybrid, Ford Lightning, 2003 Mercedes SL500 AMG, Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, Silverado EV, Jeep Wrangler, Genesis GV70, Ford Maverick


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