Here’s some automotive news from Karl Brauer, an Automotive Industry Analyst, Forbes Autos Contributor, North American Car and Truck of the Year juror, board member, and Executive Analyst for A study was conducted comparing the annual mileage of electric vehicles versus gas-powered vehicles. It was found that EV’s drive around 9000 miles, while gas-powered cars drive around 12,758 miles. This difference can be attributed to range anxiety, which affects the EV’s. The most driven electric car models are from Tesla, with the Tesla X being the most popular. This is due to their good range and charging network. The new trend in the industry is subscriptions, which cater to the younger generation’s preference for them. Manufacturers now offer subscriptions for various features, such as increased power, stereo, and heated seats. This provides continued revenue for the manufacturers to make up for their loss in the manufacturing of EV’s.

Our next contributor is George Kennedy III, a co-founder of and the Vice President of the New England Motor Press Association. His work can be found on U.S. News & World Report, CarGurus, Forbes Wheels, and The Drive. George has been driving the 2023 Nissan Z, which he considers his favorite car of the year. He also had the opportunity to test drive the 2023 Nissan Ariya, a small electric crossover with ample cargo space and a maximum range of 304 miles. Despite its decent range, George notes that there is still a lack of infrastructure to support electric vehicles.

Our next guest is Lauren Fix, Editor-in-Chief of Car Coach Reports, who has some interesting insights to share. According to Lauren, a recent study suggests that it takes five years to recover the initial cost of an electric car, as manufacturers make it challenging for consumers to consider alternatives. She points out that in today’s high-tech world, the focus is on control, with concepts like “fifteen-minute cities” and electric vehicles being prime examples.

Alan’s guest for the final segment today is Brian Moody, a contributor and friend who serves as the Executive Editor of and Brian shares his insights on the top ten most affordable convertibles and the top ten cheapest new cars that will be available in 2023. You can find the complete list on During his test drive, Brian reviews the new Volkswagen ID Buzz electric bus, which will be released by the end of this year. He praises the vehicle’s exceptional interior and exterior design and the inclusion of various standard features. Brian predicts that the price range for this model will likely be around fifty thousand dollars or more.

[00:00:00] – Contributor Karl Brauer
[00:06:36] – Most to least driven cars
[00:13:01] – Tesla Takes the Cake
[00:20:52] – 2012 Porsche 911 Turbo S
[00:30:15] – Contributor George Kennedy III
[00:37:23] – Nissan Ariya
[00:43:43] – Contributor Lauren Fix
[00:50:25] – Lexus
[00:56:45] – 15 Min Cities
[01:04:35] – Contributor Brian Moody
[01:12:54] – Top 10 New Cheap Cars
[01:21:06] – Volkswagen


Host: Alan Taylor
Producer: Dave Milligan
Copy Editor: Colleen Mahi

Contributor: Karl Brauer
Contributor: George Kennedy III
Contributor: Lauren Fix Contributor: Brian Moody

  • Contributor: Lauren Fix | Editor in-Chief for Car Coach Reports.
  • Contributor: Brian Moody | Executive Editor of Auto and
  • Contributor: Karl Brauer |  Automotive Industry Analyst, Forbes Autos Contributor, North American Car and Truck of the Year juror and board member and Executive Analyst for
  • Contributor: George Kennedy III |  Co-founder of, and the Vice President of the New England Motor Press Association. He contributes to U.S. News & World Report, CarGurus, Forbes Wheels, and here on The Drive

Vehicles Discussed:

2023 NIssan Versa, 2023 Mitsubishi Mirage, 2023 Kia Rio, 2023 Hyundai Venue, 2023 Kia Forte, 2023 Subaru Impreza, 2023 Kia Soul, 2023 Nissan Sentra, 2023 Chevy Track, 2023 Nissan Kicks, 2023 Nissan Z, 2024 Lexus GX, 2024 Lexus TX, Bronco, Wrangler, Corvette Stingray, Mercedes E Class, Audi TT Roadster, BMW 4 Series, Audi A5, BMW Z4, 2023 Mini Couper, Mustang Convertible, Camaro Convertible, Mazda Miata, 2023 Nissan Ariya, 2012 Turbo S  Porsche 911. 2023 Volkswagen ID Buzz


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